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10 Countries That Hate America The Most

Everyone on the planet, it seems, wants to come to America. You would think that everyone would love us, right? Well, like they say, many people “hate us cuz they ain’t us”.

Below are ten countries that, based on various surveys, do not see America favorably. Ironically, we give many of these countries billions of dollars in foreign aid. When the Hell will we ever learn?

Here are the ten countries that have the most unfavorable view of America, based on surveys by Pew Research and MarketWatch.

10. Lebanon: The Lebanese Republic is bordered by Syria to the north and Israel to the south. The United States gives Lebanon over $376 million in foreign aid each year. That’s $85 per citizen. And yet they still hate us because we have put conditions on some of that aid. The refugee crisis in Syria to their north caused by the disastrous Middle East policies under President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn’t help matters either. 57% of Lebanese people have an unfavorable view of Americans.

9. Iran: This Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf has had a frosty relationship with America since they took over the American embassy in 1979. Surveys show that older generations of Iranians despise America. However, the younger citizens seem to admire the United States and hold a less hostile view towards us. Overall, Iranians hold a 61% disapproval rating of America, according to MarketWatch. Remember when President Obama sent these people $1.3 billion in gold and currency on an secret jet in the middle of the night last year? Now there is evidence that the Obama Administration gave this terrorist-sponsoring nation over $33 billion over a three-year period. 

8. Greece: The liberal politicians of Greece have turned the country into an economic basket case. The Greek people resent the economic austerity imposed on it by Germany and the International Monetary Fund, which keeps bailing them out. The good ol’ days of unsustainable deficit spending are over. And the Greek people don’t like it. They see the I.M.F. as an arm of the United States, which in a way, it is, since the U.S. funds the organization far more than any other nation. The I.M.F. has lent Greece billions to help pay down it’s debt, which now stands at €326 billion, or 180 percent the size of the Greek economy. Good luck with THAT! A Pew Research survey found that 63% of Greeks have an unfavorable view of America.


7. Pakistan: With over 200 million people, Pakistan is the world’s sixth most populous country. Pakistan is a hotbed of terrorist activity and training. Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan for years after the 9/11 attacks. It is the world’s second most populous Muslim country (after Indonesia) and they are a nuclear power. Between 2002–2010, the U.S. Congress approved $18 billion in military and economic aid from the United States. Nonetheless, 65% of their population holds an unfavorable view of America. Ingrates!

6.Belarus: The B.B.C. describes the landlocked country of Belarus as having been ruled with an iron fist since 1994 by President Alexander Lukashenko. Even today, opposition figures are subjected to harsh penalties for organizing protests. In 2005, Belarus was listed by the US as Europe’s only remaining “outpost of tyranny”. The bizarre little country is friendly with Russia and seems to harbor uneasy feelings about the United States. 69% of Belarus citizens disapprove of Americans.


5. Russia: The Russian government has come right out and stated that all the “Russia bashing” that is going on within the American media is hurting relations between the two countries. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump stated that one of his goals was to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia. But liberals and the mainstream media won’t have any of that. Tensions between our two countries has been difficult for decades, most recently because of U.S. opposition to Russian intervention in Ukraine. A Pew survey shows a 71% unfavorable rating among Russians for America.

4. Palestinian Territories: “Palestinian territories” is a description used to describe the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which are occupied or otherwise under the control of Israel. Nonetheless, the citizens in this miserable little terrorist enclave consider themselves an independent country. The Palestinians teach their children to despise Jews as soon as they are able to talk. A recent video has surfaced from a Palestinian kindergarten showing a play put on by 6-year-old children depicting the murdering of Jews. Because the United States supports Israel, the Palestinians hate America. Surveys show that 72% of Palestinians see America unfavorably. Kind of makes you wonder why the Hell Obama would send them $221 million in his last hours of office. Disgraceful.

3. Turkey: Turkey has become a mess within the last 8 years. The country faces a toxic

combination of political polarization, government instability, economic slowdown, and threats of violence from ISIS. Turkey lies just to the north of Syria. The collapse of Syria, which many Turks blame on America, has led to swarms of Syrian refugees flooding across the border, with little end in sight. A Pew Research survey shows that 73% of citizens in Turkey hold an unfavorable view of America.



2. Jordan: Jordan has been affected by the instability and turmoil of it’s neighbor, Egypt. Once a reasonably strong American ally in the region, tensions between Jordan and the United States have risen significantly since 2009. The rise of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, and the fall of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak during the Obama Administration has led to a 13% drop in America’s favorability ratings since 2009. Currently, 85% of Jordanians have an unfavorable view of America. This, despite the fact that we give $1.2 billion of financial aid to Jordan every year.

1. Egypt: President Hosni Mubarak was a dictator who ruled Egypt for 30 years, from

1981 until 2011. While he was not a champion of human rights, he kept law and order throughout the country. His overthrow led to a power vacuum in the country which led to the rise of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Now, Egypt is in chaos. Terrorism is up – witness the ISIS murders of 29 Christians in Egypt just this week – while tourism is way down. The Egyptian people blame much of their problems on the United States, who allowed Mubarak to be overthrown in 2011, without any support to help transition to a new and peaceful government. Today, we give Egypt over $1.5 billion every year in financial aid. Yet they still hate us.

When are we going to stop giving money to countries that hate us? President Trump promised us an “America First” administration, and he has recently proposed a budget that slashes foreign aid. Let’s hope Congress takes his lead.

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  1. John Otten

    May 29, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Does. Anyone care ? Stop ANY aid . Instead of hating these ” people” can get a job and work for an income.

  2. Mustafa Curtess

    May 30, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Just proves that you can’t buy friendship. It has to be earned..Making the leaders of those countries rich doesn’t fool their populations. Why not ask the people of the other countries that we have destroyed Somalia,,Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya what THEY think of the USA ?

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