ALERT: 2 ISIS Terrorists Arrested In Chicago, Also Had Ties To…
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ALERT: 2 ISIS Terrorists Arrested In Chicago, Also Had Ties To…

Chicago had gangsters in the ’30s, violent thugs in the ’90s, and now terrorists in the ’00s. Things just keep getting worse.

Joseph Jones and Edward Schimenti were recently arrested for working with an undercover jihadist. They wanted to help get him ready to fight infidels in the Middle East. The two men also had a tie to the Black Lives Matters movement.

Jones and Schimenti were flagged for posting their support for terrorism on social media outlets. An investigation went underway to catch these two terrorists in the act, and it worked perfectly. A purported Islamic State fighter asked for their help and the men were happy to oblige.

They started by taking the informant to the gym to train. He needed to be “fit” to fight to infidels. The men also purchased the spy two cell phones that were meant to be used to detonate bombs, according to the Chicago Tribune. Finally, they brought the informant to the O’Hare International Airport because they thought he was getting reading to leave the country to continue the fight.

Their social media posts and recorded conversations were downright disturbing. They posed with their ISIS flags in multiple pictures and even said that they would love to see their flag one day hang from the White House. His dream was to see the Islamic law implemented in the United States.

Schimenti also seemed to have a passion for watching and talking about terrorist attacks. He spoke at length about the 2015 attacks that took place in Paris, as well as the recent attack in Berlin where 12 people died.

One of the most insane aspects of this story is that the two men THOUGHT they were being watched! They decided to go with it anyway, despite their gut feeling.

The outreach coordinator for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque said that neither man was a member of the mosque, but expressed that he knew they had militant views. He should have SPOKEN UP. If not for this investigation, how long would it have been before real damage was done?

The same can be said for the chapter of the Black Lives Matters who did NOTHING when the two men’s extremist views came to light during a meeting. The chairman of the group said that he recalled taking the microphone away from Schimenti when he went on a rant about a man who was shot by Zion police. The chairman came right out and said that Schimenti was talking about killing the police and blowing up the police stations.

WHY WAS NOTHING DONE ABOUT THIS? We need to start paying attention to this sort of behavior. It is becoming increasingly common. These terrorists MUST be stopped!

When do you think the BLM chapter should have reported Schimenti? Let us know below!



  1. Shirley collins

    April 19, 2017 at 7:15 pm


  2. Jim

    April 19, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Terrorist, blm, to me there is no difference. Both groups are low life killers who think they will take over this country. We all know that blm was the brain storm of obama, the biggest racist in this country. Hell, he probably is the president. If he is their president we have nothing to worry about after all look what he did to our country. Wake Up America…………

    • linda

      April 20, 2017 at 12:34 am


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