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ALERT – Snopes Fact Checker EXPOSED As Total Fraud, Details Are Infuriating

Snopes touts itself as being the best fact-checker in the universe. In reality, the the website is just that, another website staffed by writers who carry their own world views and biases with them as they type – as the exposure of one of Snopes darling, Kim LaCapria, clearly reveals.

Kim LaCapria previously worked at the Inquisitr. While employed by that website, she openly described herself as a far leftie.

The Liberal writer quickly and quietly left the Inquisitr during a bloodless coup when the thin-skinned editor tried to steal as much of the top talent as possible and launch her own website. The editor’s new website appears to have failed miserably, leaving the disloyal writers out of a job.

According to writer gossip at the Inquisitr, Kim LaCapria briefly tried to come back to the website. But, a firm set of rules about bias in straight news article had been enacted and she disappeared once again.

Couldn’t the top Snopes “fact-checker” hack it when real journalism standards were put into place? Her last published article on the Inquisitr seems to have been in August of 2014.

According to a Daily Caller report, LaCaparia trashed the Tea Party, calling the patriotic Americans, “teahadists.” The Liberal writer also called Bill Clinton “one of our greatest” presidents.

The Snopes fact-checker further claimed Conservatives only criticized actress Lena Dunham for comparing voting to sex in a viral PSA video because they “fear female agency.”

“Like many GOP ideas about the poor, the panic about using food stamps for alcohol, pornography or guns seems to have been cut from whole cloth. Or more likely, the ideas many have about the fantasy of poverty,” Kim LaCapria wrote in an Inquisitr article for the then equally far-Left editor.

LaCapria does appear to have been forced by the then-Inquisitr editor, James Johnson, to use actual facts to support her outrageous claims against Conservatives. Perhaps he too is now employed by Snopes!

The future fact-checker accused the George W. Bush administration of being “at least guilty of criminal negligence” in the September 11 attacks. Such an article goes far beyond something a reputable writer or editor, would have even considered a valid opinion article – it was nothing more than a biased rant.

What type of character, intellect, and training does one need to secure a top and lucrative job at Snopes? Apparently none – except maybe a predisposed tendency to favor Liberals!

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James Johnson

    April 25, 2018 at 12:52 am

    I never berated Kim LaCapria for not reporting the news properly. She was stellar about it. She also didn’t form any type of coup. I pulled the senior team away after salaries were slashed despite a rapid growth in page views led by my team. — James Johnson

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