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Angela Box: The Deep State Can’t Hide Its Lying Eyes

The old saying goes: Who are you going to trust? Me, or your lying eyes?

Our government seems hellbent on keeping our blinders securely attached, and the truth be damned.

Last week, the Department of Justice’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, finally released the report that detailed the FBI’s mishandling of the case of Hillary Clinton’s email server — a case that has also embroiled the entire Obama administration.

We learned that not only were the upper echelons of Obama’s FBI, DOJ and CIA conspiring with Teams Clinton and Obama to keep them all out of prison, but also no matter what, liberals will circle the wagons and defend the indefensible.

The misleading takeaway the media embraced is that Horowitz found no concrete political bias on the part of the FBI — which is patently absurd.

The entire report was rife with examples of malfeasance and a willingness to tip the scales for Clinton and Obama, and conversely, to harm President Donald Trump and those in his orbit.

The inspector general’s report simply said it could not find a tangible document laying out all the ways the FBI rigged the system for Clinton, Barack Obama and their cronies — but it’s obvious the intent was there all along.

This is certainly not the last we will be hearing of this initial report, nor of the subsequent report dealing with the odious lawbreaking and Trump/Russia warrant abuse concerning the FISA court.

But you know the drill.

Even though there are ongoing congressional hearings delving into the nefarious behavior of the Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign and FBI leadership, liberals are now going to bash us all over the head with, “Move along, nothing to see here. Let it go!”

Of course, as anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, liberals are the kings, queens and non-binary transgenders of holding on to grudges.

After all, they have used the long-defunct practice of slavery as a cudgel to hit Americans over the head and accuse them of racism for over 50 years.

They and their willing media accomplices must attempt to distract us from their abysmal record and their true thoughts about the American people.

Their entire philosophy is based on an unworkable economic system, the climate change hoax, disdain for tradition, virtue signaling, hatred of individual success, open borders and identity politics. Grudge upon grudge upon grudge.

Their reason for being — and the Democrats’ very existence as a political party — depends on individuals chained to anger, a government program, other people’s money and/or a willingness to overlook logic and common sense. Once individuals break free of this mindset, they leave the Democrat Party. In social media parlance: They get “red-pilled.”

So, while the hysterically shrill among us accuse Normal America of seeking vengeance, we persevere.

It is not vengeance we seek: It is justice.

We demand to finally see justice served for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their lackeys.

We demand the eradication of our current two-tiered justice system. You know — the justice system that has excused the behavior of the Clintons for 30 years and now does the same for Obama and his minions.

Our justice system put a Navy sailor in jail for taking a picture on a submarine. It also made sure an FBI agent was fired for claiming $57 on a per diem expense report — after she received approval from a supervisor.

Yet that same two-tiered justice system refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton, who deleted 33,000 emails, smashed devices with a hammer, used Bleach Bit on her illegal, private internet server, sent classified documents to many in the government (including to President Obama, who knew all about it), used her position as secretary of state to enact a pay-to-play scheme for the Clinton Foundation, and arrogantly lied repeatedly about the whole sordid situation.

In our current two-tiered justice system, we allow agents in the upper echelons of the CIA and the FBI to attempt to fix an election for a preferred candidate.

Then, after their “insurance policy” cooked up between Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others doesn’t work, they go into high gear to try and destroy a duly-elected president based on a lie.

Enter: Robert Mueller and the Trump/Russia hoax.

Forgive us if we would like to see justice served for people who have done nothing except support Donald Trump.

We support him because he supports us.

We support the policies he seeks to implement.

The left’s fixation with excusing all manner of illegal behavior makes us more resolute in our support for President Trump.

We want to see our border secure and actual immigration reform — which reflects the will of the American people.

Namely, we want to implement a merit-based system of immigration that follows the rule of law. Also, and immediately, let’s deport all illegal aliens (and yes, media blowhards, they can take their children with them!).

This current obsession about “ripping babies from the arms of their mothers” (a talking point that liberals probably found on a sub-Reddit forum and simultaneously began parroting) is ridiculous. Believe it or not, Barack Obama implemented the exact same policy — which the media ignored.

I believe firmly that illegal alien children are being used as pawns in order to intimidate legislators and voters — without dealing with the serious and overriding issue.

The serious and overriding issue is that adults and children are sneaking over our southern border illegally! This is not hard to figure out. Nobody would be separated, even temporarily, if these people were not breaking American law.

As with everything, liberals and Swamp Dwellers have it all ass-backwards.

We finally have an adult back in charge. And whether not you like his tweets or not, his instincts are 100 percent correct.

Liberals live in an alternative universe, where unicorns prance and marshmallows and gumdrops rain from the sky — if only they could finally get communism done right.

In reality, most of their little Utopias are full of dirty needles, rampant crime, poverty, illiteracy, feces-covered streets and taxpayer handouts (just enough to keep them hooked).

Guess who’s waking up to reality? Why, it’s the rubes who liberals scorn; the dolts who demand an equal justice system; the everyday men and women who make America work and seek to provide for themselves and their families without excessive government interference.

An informed electorate is the Democrats’ worst enemy — and is what our Founders intended us to be. Staying asleep is easy — it’s being awake that takes work.

Have faith — and have courage. We will get the country we deserve.

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America. A version of this Op-Ed originally appeared on her blog,



  1. sandra wood

    June 22, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    To bad bias facebook won’t let this be posted—oh how they hate the truth!

    • Dean Perry

      June 22, 2018 at 4:44 pm

      No, Facebook is just blocking posting fake news.
      Recall why founder Steve Zuckerberg was called before Congress???

      • Nancy Temple

        June 28, 2018 at 1:09 am

        He wasn’t. A robot was.

  2. Dean Perry

    June 22, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    “Department of Justice’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, finally released the report that detailed the FBI’s mishandling of the case of Hillary Clinton’s email server — a case that has also embroiled the entire Obama administration.”



    June 22, 2018 at 5:24 pm


  4. Vic G.

    June 22, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    “We finally have an adult back in charge. And whether or not you like his tweets, his instincts are 100 per cent correct”. Need I say more?? NO, it speaks for itself….

  5. paulette

    June 22, 2018 at 8:03 pm


  6. Ellender Brown

    June 22, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Thank GOD for President Trump.

  7. Mary

    June 22, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    The democrats only care about their political views, let along work with the right for the good of all Americans . While they call us uneducated , we see threw them, for what they are. They only care about the upper class to rule and to keep us under their thumb . To my fellow Americans I say fight back with every breathe you have , NEVER EVER give in to their very hate for the common man.

  8. Peter Dunning

    June 24, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Nobody ever mentions how convenient it was for Obama to separate those children,put them in cages and supply his pedofile ring with easy prey. How many of those children just disappeared? That is why he tried to keep it quiet.Obama , the Clintons and the rest of their crony elite all are involved in it. Why isn’t there any news about that? Why are they still free after all the crimes they have committed.I believe that most conservatives are just too polite sometimes to speak the truth. Hurt feelings be damned! thee liberals don’t care if they hurt our( feelings).Stand up speak the truth!!!

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