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AOC Adviser Admits He Falsely Claimed Green New Deal Didn’t Include Security for People ‘Unwilling’ to Work

An adviser for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is admitting he falsely claimed that an official document for her proposed Green New Deal did not include a guarantee of economic security for people “unwilling to work” after he appeared on Fox News saying just that.

After he challenged Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the fact that a document containing “frequently asked questions” about the program had been posted on the freshman congresswoman’s official website, Cornell University Law School Professor Robert Hockett admitted his mistake to the Daily Caller in a statement:

“It appears there was more than one document being discussed yesterday, only one of which I had heard about with any definiteness by last evening after a long day of media appearances – namely, the one referred to by the Congresswoman in her tweet. I regret that we seem unknowingly to have ended up speaking about different documents for a minute during our longer and otherwise ‘on-the-same-page’ conversation last night.”

Hockett’s admission comes after Ocasio-Cortez’s team found themselves in a pickle over the weekend as they appeared to initially attempted to blame the circulation of the FAQ sheet on it having been “leaked” despite the document properties showing they had published it.

Her chief of staff additionally claimed that a “doctored” version of the document was also floating around before later admitting an “unfinished” draft got published “by mistake”:

The congresswoman also appeared to distance herself from the widely-mocked FAQ before acknowledging that a “draft version got uploaded” and has since been removed from her site:

The admissions all follow Hockett’s appearance on Fox News, during which he told Carlson Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal “never would” include providing financial security for people who are “unwilling” to work and pushing the “doctored” FAQ narrative.

Watch below:

“And AOC has never said anything like that, right?” he said at the time. “I think you’re referring to some sort of document — I think some doctored document that somebody other than us has been circulating. … She’s actually tweeted it out to laugh at it, if you look at her latest tweets. It seems apparently, some Republicans have put it out there. I don’t know the details.

It looks like her team realized they had some explaining to do.

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