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Bill De Blasio Draws Audience of 15 at Iowa Campaign Stop

Democrat presidential hopeful and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned to a small crowd of 15 people in Iowa over the weekend, according to a report from the New York Post.
“With more than enough empty space to accommodate his 6-foot-5 frame, the quixotic candidate took the floor at Parlor City Pub to a smattering of applause from the sleepy brunch set,” the New York Post stated.

Throught his Cedar Rapids campaign stop on Sunday, before his Iowa State Fair appearance, De Blasio placed a lot of emphasis on “working people.”

“Everything should be about our families, our lives, what everyday people are going through, what working people are going through,” de Blasio said to those in attendance.

Accroding to the Post, the crowd “numbered around 15 — not counting the press corps, campaign staff and Iowa state Sen. Rob Hogg, the event organizer.”

After reiterasting his campaign slogan of “Working people first,” the New York mayor said, “Here’s the bottom line: We have a country that’s favored the 1 percent now for literally 40 years.”

De Blasio added, “The rich have gotten richer. Everybody else has been pretty much treading water.”

Asked what she thought of the speech afterward, Carol Wickey, a 78-year-old retiree in attendance for de Blasio’s pitch, said,”Nothing made him stand out.”

“I liked a lot of what he said,” said Wickey. “I thought in his prepared comments he focused too much on working people.”

“He did not say anything that would sway me that he would be my choice as a candidate,” she added. “Nothing made him stand out among the other two dozen people.”

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