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Bill Maher Admits He Is Actively Rooting for Economy To Crash

When you’re rich and liberal like Bill Maher and the president is a conservative, you can hope that the economy will crash. After all, you’ve got all the money you probably need, right?

That’s at least the message from Maher, who says he’s “sorry if that hurts people” but he’s “hoping for” the economy to tank, if just because it would be one way voters would quickly get sick of President Donald Trump.

The exchange happened on Maher’s HBO show Friday, when he asked commentator Shermichael Singleton about how goeth the economy.

“Could I ask about the economy? Because this economy is going pretty well,” Maher asked, according to Mediaite.

This caused Singleton to chuckle off camera.

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“What? Why was that funny?” Maher asked.

“It is going well,” Singleton said, then after a pause added: “For now.”

“Thank you, that’s my question,” Maher continued. “I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it. Because I think one you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.

“So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”

Yeah, you lose your democracy by … getting rid of the guy who was democratically elected. That’s seriously where Maher’s head is at right now.

This is how much liberals like Bill Maher have lost the plot: They’re seriously hoping that record low unemployment turns into high unemployment, that we go back to where we were years ago, all so that Trump gets impeached and removed from office.

And, in case you were wondering, that was more or less the subtext of what Maher was talking about. There’s an option to democratically remove him — or “get rid of him,” as Maher likes to say — in 2020. There’s also the 2018 midterms to blunt his power.

That’s not what Maher seems to be interested in. He wants to get rid of Trump, pronto. And before this winter, if you could. Aspen’s such a drag when everyone’s so hung up on the president and not being all free and loose back in the lodge.

Sorry if you plebes have to lose your job or something, but hey — our democracy (and his après ski) needs saving.

If Maher had said he hoped Trump’s economy didn’t succeed because those weren’t the principles he thought economic growth should be based off of, fine. At least we’d know where he stood then. Instead, he tried to couch this ridiculously out-of-touch statement in democracy-saving terms.

The only thing Bill Maher is trying to save is his relevancy. The more conservative policies succeed, the less he has to talk about. If only he tried being upfront about it sometime.



  1. Anna M. Kemp

    June 9, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Screw you Maher, Grow the F—k up! We will never get sick of the very GREATEST PRESIDENT GOD EVER MADE, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. Who looks out for every Grateful and Ungrateful American! We Love President Trump! TRUMP/ PENCE 2020!!!!

  2. Anna M. Kemp

    June 9, 2018 at 11:34 pm


  3. Raymond McCollum

    June 9, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    Why does this person still have a job? Roseanne said She was across between the Muslim Brotherhood and The Planet of the Apes VJ. Maher said Trump looked like an Orange Orangutan. The ape reference applies to all human kind and is an insult and racist comment when you refer to any human like that. But Maher’s comment was ruled a joke by a judge so why was Roseanne’s comment not ruled as a joke. There are the same thing. If she is fired then he should be fired. I want to know why was he not fired?

    • Anna M. Kemp

      June 10, 2018 at 10:52 pm

      cause he’s a Liberal. They have a separate set of rights. Well at least for now.

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