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Black Trump Supporter RIPS Dems for Making Unemployed Kaepernick a Role Model

Despite the best efforts of Trump-hating YouTube, African American Trump supporter “Red Pill Black” refuses to be silenced.

Black has been unfairly stifled by video-hosting giant, YouTube, after her wildly popular videos, in which she calls out Democrats and the left with her fiery brand of no-nonsense questioning, was too “upsetting” and “offensive” to some folks.

In other words, she spoke the truth, and specifically focused on the sickening way in which the Democratic Party has manipulated and abused African Americans since the 1960’s, starting with the creation of the “welfare state,” and continuing on into the present day.

Although YouTube may have managed to temporarily hinder Black, she couldn’t be silenced, and appeared on Fox News to slam Democrats for their glorification of the welfare state and unemployment to black Americans. This includes celebrating former football player Colin Kaepernick for his anti-American stunt.

“Unemployment, let me be very clear, is not something to be admired,” said Black, and she’s absolutely correct.

Democrats should be ashamed of the way they’ve treated black Americans for decades, and during the 2016 election cycle, they were called out and exposed for that shameful behavior like never before.

Thankfully, Americans of all races and backgrounds were able to band together and demand a leader who would put “America First” again, and accomplished their goal by election President Donald Trump.

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