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BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Sabotage Of Trump Exposed, It’s Worse Than We Thought…

The effort to attack and undermine the Trump administration has been unprecedented.

From continuous media attacks to organized targeted protests all designed to undermine the administration in the eyes of the public.

But it doesn’t stop there.

From Free Beacon:

The Obama administration worked in its final weeks in office to undermine the incoming Trump White House and continues to do so, according to multiple sources both in and out of the White House.

Behind the effort, these sources say, are senior government officials who previously worked under President Obama and remain loyal to his agenda. These individuals leak negative information about the Trump White House and its senior staff to a network of former Obama administration officials who then plant this information in key media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times.

According to the Free Beacon, the campaigns to undermine current CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, both of whom were subjected to leaks aimed at undermining their credibility, were part of this effort.

“We have members of the former administration at the highest levels who through their actions after January 20 have demonstrated their refusal to recognize the results of the general election,” one senior administration official told the Free Beacon. “They have pursued, organized, and managed a comprehensive subversion of the new administration.”

The effort is not just limited to leaks and efforts to target advisors. It goes as far as actually trying to sabotage or change the wording of actual policy efforts and executive orders of the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, holdovers from the Obama administration are working to undermine the Trump administration’s agenda through efforts to alter official communications, a number of administration officials confirmed in conversations with the Washington Free Beacon. […]

In one instance, Trump administration officials found evidence that the administration’s executive order banning travel from certain Muslim-majority nations had been selectively altered to bring it more in line with Obama-era talking points.

Several hours before the orders were set to be signed by Trump, officials noticed that language concerning “radical Islamic terrorism” had been stripped from the order and replaced with Obama-era language about countering violent extremism.

While there is internal subversion, there also is an organized effort of former Obama officials outside the White House working with media to target members of the Trump administration. The Free Beacon names Ben Rhodes, the architect of Obama’s pro-Iran press operation and Benghazi talking points, and Colin Kahl, a senior national security adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden as behind efforts to purge Trump officials with whom they disagree, including senior advisers Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, as well as NSC leaders Michael Anton and KT McFarland.

The strategy? Provoke them to be fired by alleging damaging information about them and having media push it. For example, they are currently painting Gorka as a Nazi and an Islamophobe.

“They have a network of journalists for whom they have served as sources and they have fed stuff to these journalists,” one senior U.S. official told the Free Beacon. “That’s what pretty obviously is going on. I’ve never seen this happen before. I’ve never heard of it happening throughout history.”

Putting the current White House in a permanent state of defense is a key objective of this strategy, according to one senior Republican foreign policy operative who is close to the White House.

“Part of this campaign, of course, was the media operation of selective leaks, many of which were illegal and directly targeted the staff and officials of the incoming Trump administration,” the source said.

H/T Youngcons

The Obama administration also allowed White House staffers to accumulate an unprecedented amount of sick days. That required a huge pay out. Why does that matter? Because now the Trump White House is unable to make new hires and hire the people they need because the money is no longer in the budget to pay them.

Unprecedented isn’t even the word, frightening subversion is more like it…

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  1. Elizabeth

    March 23, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    How do they get away with this? If they know it’s Happening why can’t they stop these people from doing thus?
    We are going to do nothing to stop Obemer. This will happen and we will Blame The Republicans. Let’s not let this happen.

    • Barbara

      March 24, 2017 at 5:53 am

      I’m sure that they are trying to make an airtight case against him
      And also, remember that Obummer is the head of ISIS and they don’t need him to sic them on us. The ones that are already in the United States. They need to be taken care of first so they can’t harm us. And PRESIDENT TRUMP has only been in office for 2 months. Give him some time.

  2. Ralph

    March 23, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    Elizabeth Sure make since to me, I think the Trump administration was caught off guard on something like this, but never undermine the damager the Democrats will try every thing to make the administration of Donald Trump look bad, I would think Obama is behind all of this !!

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