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BREAKING: Hannity Announces His Future At Fox News. Do You Support Him?

A liberal hit squad is out for blood. They are attempting to silence conservative opinion, and Sean Hannity is their next target.

Rumors have been circling that Sean Hannity will be the next Fox News host removed after the ousting of Bill O’Reilly. At the end of last night’s show, Hannity dismissed the rumors, and thanked his supporters for standing with him.

Hannity has no plans to leave Fox News, but there is a major shakeup occurring at the network and many fear the largest cable news network is shifting to the Left.

Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Bill Shine have all been ousted, despite their roles in building Fox News in the first place.

Before the dust could settle after O’Reilly left, the liberal hit squad was already preparing their next move. Liberal media outlets immediately started to smear Hannity and others.

The far-left website, The Daily Beast , wrote an article titled, “Sean Hannity Eyes Fox News Exit, Insiders Say,” where they practically begged Hannity to leave.

In the article, they acknowledge that Fox News has denied the rumors, but the liberal site was intent on continuing pushing lies in an act of wishful thinking.

Hannity is well aware of the attack against him, and has shared the Facebook group “Stop the Scalping,” which aims to protect conservative opinion leaders.

The Facebook page was created by conservative radio hosts Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney. The pair created the group out of fears that Fox News is shifting to the Left in an attempt to be more like CNN.

All of the talent who helped make Fox News the leading cable news channel are being besieged in what appears to be a coordinated attack from the Left. Rupert Murdoch’s children are taking on a larger role at Fox News, and are hoping to shape the channel to their liking.

However, a shift to the Left would spell disaster for Fox News. The cable channel is so successful specifically because they are the only conservative option on television.

Attempting to emulate CNN is a surefire way of turning the most watched news station into another fake news channel ignored by the masses as they wait for their boarding call in an airport lounge.

Do you think Sean Hannity should stick with Fox News, or leave before it is too late? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us what you think because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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  1. C. Harris

    May 2, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Remember folks there is always OAN ( 1 American News ) which gives you a terrific lineup of Hosts. Try it

  2. Sue

    May 2, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Sean should and must stay, we need our voices to be heard and his doing great job
    Thank you

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