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BREAKING: Iraqi Officials Announce MASSIVE Trump Victory, Obama HUMILIATED

We can all agree on one thing — the Islamic State is a huge danger to every single free country in the world. Luckily, after relentless barrages, another HUGE victory for Trump and the rest of the free world just took place.

Jihad Watch announced the victory as it described how the Islamic State now controls an area that is about the same size as Belgium. Thanks to a recent LARGE victory, the size of their territory has dropped a staggering 60%, and it’s all due to Trump’s takedown of an ISIS caliphate. That’s more than Obama EVER did!

The caliphate was initially taken over on June 29, 2014, and was retaken exactly three years later. Now, we have to start thinking about where these terrorists are going to go. We all know the left will GLADLY invite them here, and that has us thinking.

Left-wingers tend to think we should just open our borders, and let anyone in, whether they have paperwork or not. It might sound nice to them — to appear like caring and deep people. In their ignorance, they’ve forgotten — or just don’t care — about the risk thrown onto the REST of us because of their foolish mentality.

The symbolic victory came when Iraqi government troops marched into the “capital” of the Islamic State, Mosul. The troops battled in Mosul for days, fighting the savages, and scrapping for control of the city.

Finally, ISIS was defeated, and the Iraqis took back the Great al-Nuri Mosque. That’s where the Islamic State initially announced their takeover. It’s a huge victory we ALL needed.

It looks like President Trump’s plan is all coming together. When he went on his first tour of the world, he spoke with Middle Eastern leaders about the issue of terrorism. Trump explained that NO NATION should have to deal with terrorists on their soil.

Our president went on to say that, essentially, the only way we’re going to stop these savages is if we corner them, and leave them with NOTHING. Looking at the actions of the Iraqi government, it seems safe to assume that they listened to Trump — and are now enjoying the fruits of their victory.

It’s about time we started to see a major change in this “War on Terror.” This could be the biggest victory it’s seen since before Obama was in office. All Obama did was cater to terrorists, and made life difficult for the rest of us. Now that we have a real president in office who wants to improve the world, we’re seeing changes occurring at a drastic pace.

Democrats are constantly talking about how much they hate war. Well, if we would have done something about ISIS SOONER, we could have brought more troops home, and would have been able to sleep easier. We should be BLAMING Obama, and THANKING Trump for making this possible!

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  1. Marcalene

    July 2, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    I agree …. this is a major win…….. the Democrats need to shut up , and start doing what they were elected to do.. and that was not Obama’s or the Clinton’s bidding.

  2. Rosie Eiler

    July 4, 2017 at 6:15 am

    The Dems only do what’s best for them and do not care about this country,our faith or our lives. The swamp needs to burn..pour some oil on it,it burns slower than gas.

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