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BREAKING: Jay Leno Risks His Entire Career to Expose TRUTH About Trump

Leftists are conflating talk show hosts with investigative journalists. This irresponsible merge of the two roles is only maintained by the dumbest population of people in this country — liberals.

Late-night television personalities are relied on too heavily for political insight. Their job is to entertain, not provide America with elementary-level political insight. Former host, Jay Leno, identified this issue and drew attention to the obvious liberal bias on late night TV. He was able to do this fairly, but he did mention he wasn’t a Trump supporter.

“I am not a Trump fan at all, not in the slightest, not in the least, but this constant pounding does have a tendency to anesthetize your feelings. It should be called, ‘What Did Trump Do Now?’ That’s basically what everybody’s monologue is, you almost wish for a normal day, just to have a joke.”

Jay Leno was able to claim he wasn’t a Trump fan without ripping him and his supporters to shreds. This objectivity is rare in the media these days. It’s almost as if comedians and television hosts are incentivized to destroy Republicans.

Conservatism is stifled and demeaned in Hollywood. Coming out as a Republican in Hollywood is suicide for your career. Jay Leno shares the importance of maintaining centrist perspectives as a late-night television host.

He knows his job is to be funny and entertain people, not to serve as an unqualified political guru for his audience. Comedians don’t know how to be funny anymore without mocking Trump. Republicans are their go-to material, and it’s getting old.

Hollywood and politics have become exceedingly meshed. The purpose of entertainers is to serve as a distraction from what’s going on in the world. People enjoy tuning in to late-night TV to escape from reality for an hour or two, not to be chastised for their political views.

Comedians and entertainers are resorting to hate in order to push their political agendas. Being funny is no longer a requirement to be a successful comedian. The more intense you are at destroying Donald Trump and his Republican supporters, the more you’ll be featured on late-night television.

Bringing politics into any business is bad for the brand.  “Show Business” doesn’t understand that they’ll lose business with their ruthless attempts at promulgating a Leftist agenda.

Hollywood has more money than it knows what do with. This is compromising their level-headedness in terms of politics.

The media will always have it out for Trump because they’re threatened by the truth he represents.

Jay Leno speaking out about this problem could potentially transform late-night TV. Hopefully, things return to normal before the entertainment industry loses all credibility.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Peter

    May 22, 2017 at 1:12 am

    Anyone is entitled to his/her opinion. This is our right. When there’s violence, that’s a no-no.. Jay Leno just told the truth, he did not elaborate foolishly.

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