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BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Exposes Paul Ryan’s Treasonous Anti-Trump Move

Sean Hannity’s talks with Newt Gingrich are always educational. Thank the Lord SOME media commentators are still telling it like it is and calling out corruption when they see it.

Newt Gingrich says that the failed healthcare bill “got to be a total mess.” Paul Ryan and other Republican leadership just didn’t deliver.

Trump has always said that the Republicans don’t know how to win, and that he would teach them. This is Paul Ryan’s lesson.

We the People should be firing Paul Ryan over this. We couldn’t have shouted it louder– we want a new, functional, healthcare bill.

Instead we were delivered a limping, beat-up version of Obamacare that no one wanted to support. I don’t blame them.

Gingrich argues that Paul Ryan is a smart guy, but he didn’t use the right approach to get Trump’s agenda done.

I see Gingrich’s point. Donald Trump is a radically new figure for these politicians. He’s truly in touch with what Americans want, and need. He doesn’t kneel down to special interests, or anyone else; instead he tells them how it’ll be.

Paul Ryan just doesn’t have the stones to do the same thing. The Republican leadership isn’t used to such straightforward, America-first policies. They are used to having to beg Obama to even consider what Americans need. That’s all changed now, but I guess Ryan’s just not the leader he thinks he is.

Hannity’s metaphor of the square is a perfect idea. Ryan should have gotten those who are really America-first to the table, figured out what they’d like to see in the bill, and started building something from the ground up.

You don’t throw around a bunch of contradictory policies and expect it to make for a cohesive bill at the end of the day. Instead, you get this nonsensical mess.

Now that Trump has realized Paul Ryan just isn’t up to the task, I’m sure we’ll get a real healthcare bill. Paul Ryan has slowed Trump’s agenda down, but nothing can stop it!

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  1. Jim

    April 27, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Typical rhino . Ryan , Comey , all of them have to go . The time is now , the Rep. Establishment is just as bad as the Dems . Get rid of them now and we still have enough time to do what’s right . Let them stay and we will all pay !!!

  2. Ann

    April 28, 2017 at 2:20 am

    Newt Gingrich is absolutely right about Rino Paul Ryan.!!

  3. Celia O'Connell

    April 28, 2017 at 5:00 am


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