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BREAKING: Obamacare Insiders BUSTED Stealing Over $3 BILLION In Cash From Taxpayers

Obamacare was doomed from the start. It was a schemed attempt to make insiders money, and this proves it!

In this particular case, Unitedhealthcare, and two of their subsections, are being charged with fraud, according to Daily Caller. One of the subsections, OptumInsight, was lead by none other than Andy Slavitt, one of Obama’s top healthcare officials. The fraud in question took place between 2005-2009, pinning the tail squarely on the Obama administration.

An official suit was filed with the Department of Justice Tuesday claiming that the subsidiaries of United were behind the scam. We can’t be that surprised, especially considering some of the other shady behavior Obama took part in over the years. This scheme was something that was cooked up with Obama’s help, no doubt about that.

The crazy part is that this is the SECOND time the company has faced fraud charges like this. They’re using a program to adjust how much money is allotted for insurance, and many times, the algorithms are rigged to pay out more than they should.

One of Obama’s top officials collected $4.8 million in UHG stock — with no taxes — when he joined the new company in 2013. It’s terrifying to imagine, but that $4.8 million is just a drop in the bucket.

A more accurate number would be the amount gathered between 2010 and 2015 by United, a staggering $3 BILLION. This money was doled out as overages for risk adjustment payments from Medicare.

It’s evident that this scam goes deeper than anyone could have imagined. We need to dig to find out what’s going on here. How much money has been lost?

No wonder our national debt DOUBLED while Obama was in office. He let everyone working for him take whatever they wanted to take. We’re broke as a nation now, but the corrupt administration got their paychecks and get-out-of-jail free cards.

Instead of worrying about fake memos from Comey, why don’t we focus on the REAL fraud here? People are stealing money from right underneath us, and we’re supposed to be complacent? We have some bad news for them.

Right here and now, we need to DEMAND a full-on investigation. It doesn’t matter if Obamacare was repealed or not — these people broke the law in some disturbing ways. They robbed us, our friends, and our families while demanding we pay more if we can’t afford insurance? SERIOUSLY?

Enough is enough. We need to do whatever we can to make these criminals pay for their crimes. EVERYONE involved needs to be arrested, and their assets need to be seized. They didn’t work hard to earn them. They scammed PATRIOTS like us out of our money, and then essentially told us that we should thank them for it.

Do you think it’s time to put criminals like this in prison once and for all? Share the story on Facebook and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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  1. John Swan

    May 21, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Lock them all up please!!!

  2. Vera

    May 21, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Yes please take care of all the corrupt things that are taking place.Most America’s are hard workers and make our monthly bills but not alot extra,while these people that are supposed to be helping the people just line their own pockets. That’s the real problem,these people are so greedy they are scare their money flow will stop and they might become like us,regular people

  3. Ivy

    May 22, 2017 at 4:46 am

    Never understand the situation….. Found the evidence,…. Only talked about it but no action taken? If it is happening on any one else….. It is a fugitive hunt down project number one……?
    What is the meaning of the law and order?…..

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