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Candace Owens Fires Back With a Video After Being Accused of Having ‘Faux Concern’ for the Black Community

Conservative commentator Candace Owens responded to Fox News commentator Jessica Tarlov’s accusation of her being “faux concerned” for the black community with a video of herself with other people who are black who met to discuss problems within their own community.

After a heated debate on Fox News, Owens called out Tarlov on Twitter for her “fake feminism”:

In response, Tarlov said it was too early in the morning for her “faux concern for the black community”:

At the time of Tarlov’s tweet, Owens was meeting with various members of the black community to discuss issues that were affecting their community.

“Jess, why don’t you tell us more about what our community thinks and what our concerns are,” Owens said. “There’s nothing like hearing a ‘feminist’ step to the plate and tell us what matters in our community.”

Watch the video below:

“What are you doing for the black community?” one person in the video asked. “Inform me.”

Owens continued and asked Tarlov to tell her about what “black mothers are going through.”

The conservative commentator then said that comments like the one Tarlov made are examples of the things “liberals need to stop doing.”

“You do not step to the plate and tell a black person that they are faux concerned with their community,” she explained. “Especially during a weekend when we’re sitting down talking about all the things we need to fix in our community.”

The “Fox & Friends” segment that was the catalyst for the entire argument was about the possibility of a political double standard among women.

Watch the video below:

Owens argued that there “of course” was a double standard and that conservative women were treated differently than liberal women.

Tarlov agreed that press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders should not have been made to leave the restaurant but said that conservative women can’t have the same feminist clout because of the policies they support.

Owens accused her of having “selective outrage” over being upset about undocumented immigrant families being separated but not about families who are black being separated.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. drumlina

    June 26, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    Why do white, guilt-ridden libs feel it’s their job to tell blacks who to be?

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