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CNN Lets Students Attack Dana Loesch as a Bad Mother at Town Hall on Guns

Two students from Marjorie Stonemason Douglas High School attacked National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch as a bad mother during the CNN Town Hall on gun policy on Wednesday night.

The students had survived last week’s shooting, which left 17 dead and over a dozen wounded.

One student, Cameron Kasky, said onstage while questioning Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL): “I wish I could have asked the NRA lady [Loesch] a question … I would ask her how she can look in the mirror, considering the fact that she has children, but, you know, maybe she avoids those.”

“What was that, I’m sorry?” Tapper said, without admonishing Kasky or the cheering crowd.

Another student, Emma Gonzalez — whom CNN has highlighted frequently in the past several days — also attacked Loesch as a mother: “I want you to know that we will support your two children in a way that you will not.”


Tapper did not comment.

In addition, as NewsBusters notes, the crowd repeatedly heckled Loesch as a “murderer.” Tapper did admonish them — as did Gonzalez — to be quiet so that they could hear her answers to questions.

“Let’s have some respect. She’s here to answer the questions. Let’s let her answer the questions,” Tapper said.

The crowd also booed Loesch when she referred to a rape survivor who supports gun rights.

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