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Cowboys Owner Made It Clear His Team Will Stand for the Anthem — One Eagles Player Rips Him as a ‘Bully’

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated Wednesday the players on his team will stand for the national anthem for the upcoming season and will not have the option to remain in the locker room, despite the NFL’s currently on-hold rule allowing them the choice.

“As far as the Dallas Cowboys, you know where I stand, the team knows where I stand. Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line,” he said at the time.

In response to the Jones’ decision, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins called him a “bully” and said it is sad to see owners “intimidate” their players.

“[Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie] been very supportive of us from the beginning,” Jenkins said. “I don’t see Jeffrey as a bully like Jerry Jones is. Lucky for me, I don’t play for the Cowboys, nor would I want to.

“It’s unfortunate that you have owners like him that use his position to intimidate and intentionally thwart even the idea of his players thinking individually or having a voice about issue that effect their communities daily. It’s unfortunate,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Since Jones made his comments, he has been labeled as a white supremacist and suppressor of free speech:

Jones did receive praise from President Donald Trump on Twitter Friday, however.

“Way to go Jerry. This is what the league should do,” the president, who has criticized players who kneel for the anthem in protest of police brutality in America, tweeted.

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  1. Dennis THOMAS

    July 28, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Yo, Malcolm Jenkins, if ya wanna be a justice warrior, good. Give up the millions you make playing football, head back to the broken minority community in Philadelphia and do justice warrior-ing full time. Donate your money to that community and try to teach the youth in that community what the concept of law and order is and why it is important to treat all people, especially police officers, with dignity and respect.


    July 28, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    My Husband And I & Our Friends Had Stopped watching Football Because Of The “Not Standing For The National Anthem”!Way To Go (Jerry Jones)! Heck, We May Even Come To Texas To Watch Your Team (Always Loved The Cowboys!!)! This Is What All Owners Should Demand! Its A Job, The Poor Underpaid Players Can Protest On Their Own Time! Any Job My Husband Or I Held, had We Done What They Are Doing During Work Hours,Our White Asses Would Have Been Fired! THANK YOU SIR!!!

  3. Debby

    July 28, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Those overpaid felons shouldn’t be allowed to play let alone kneel for our nation’s Anthem. No other business would allow their employees to be so disrespectful on Company time. But I don’t think Jerry Jones having his team being on the field during the Anthem is going to save the NFL for tanking ratings. The players caused that, no one else.

  4. Sandy

    July 28, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you Mr. Jones! There does come a time for you and other owners to “put your foot down”.YOU OWN the Business who employees Them, and pays them their salary! And just like any other business as the OWNER, YOU have the right to make the rules which your employees are to work by; If they do not agree with the work rules, they are allowed to QUIT on the spot and give up money,etc., when THEY break THEIR contracts.The LONG TIME TRADITION of Standing for the National Anthem and OUR Flag, no matter where it is done, is to show respect to our Great Nation. IF those who choose to disrespect it , would really PAY ATTENTION to the WORDS, and what the FLAG STANDS for, they would realize that by doing so, we are honoring all those brave men who fought so hard to Gain our Independence from Britain, no longer under the British but instead a FREE Nation. They gave YOU , who ARE being Disrespectful, The freedom to speak freely, and those who fight for our Country to serve and protect your freedoms today. You should at least realize you are foolishly thumbing your nose at those who do NOT deserve it.There are many OTHER times and ways that you may exercise YOUR Freedom of Speech WITHOUT disrespecting those who GAVE you that Freedom, Those who gave Their Lives to protect us, AND those who NOW put their personal safety on the line to Keep you free to make your Protests. Being a football”celebrity” does not excuse your actions.In times past, during the formation of our Country, your actions would have been considered Treason… Disloyalty to your COUNTRY:Penalty- DEATH! or at least exile. Lucky for YOU that it is NOT looked upon the same way TODAY!

  5. Linda

    July 28, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    I want to ask all the people who think Jerry who pay’s their salaries does not have the right to tell his players what they can and can’t do could tell the owners of the company they work for what they will do and what they won’t do.Their owners would tell them, fine you can do what you want to do somewhere else. You are Fired.

  6. J Bishai

    July 28, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    The tweets display a complete ignorance of crime statistics, the Constitution of the US, and a lack of patriotism and nationality. 1st Amendment does not protect free speech in the work place. One protests in the private sector at their own risk. FBI statistics (which are the most accurate, but too long to explain here) show that the type of crimes that the players are protesting represent a very small amount of crime, moreover, it doesn’t really indicate that the numbers favor racist acts, just police brutality or plain negligence. White supremacy agrument is a complete canard. Standing for the flag is not racist, hateful, cowardly, nor embarrasing, it is patriotic and respectful. Do your research Tariq Nasheed! and to the NFL, enjoy your low ratings.

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