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Creepy Pro-Abortion Ad Shows Adorable Smiling Baby Then Pivots to Support Planned Parenthood

This week, a pro-abortion ad received a wave of backlash for using a baby to push people to support the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

The ad, apparently sponsored by the Agenda Project (AP) Action Fund, showed a cute baby with a nursery tune playing in the background.

“She deserves to be loved,” the ad read.

It added that “she deserves to be wanted” and “deserves to be a choice.” The ad then cut to a screen that read “#StandWithPP,” the hashtag for supporting Planned Parenthood.

Watch the video below:

On Twitter, many people recoiled at the messaging:

Independent Women’s Voice Senior Fellow Lisa Boothe came back with her own line about what the baby deserved.

“This baby deserves to live,” she said.

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