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Democrats Posted A Hate Letter Claiming Its From Trump Fan, But Experts Revealed Something Else

A Democrat state representative shared a hate letter on social media claiming that she received it from a Trump supporter, but the internet experts revealed that this is just a part of a liberal propaganda.

Last Wednesday, Beth Fukumoto shared a copy of the letter on social media.

“Got this in the mail today,” she posted on Aug. 16. “You need to understand your words have consequences @realDonaldTrump #racism #WhiteNationalism”

The Huffington Post, a news outlet that supports liberals, cheerfully went with the story, as they saw the opportunity to reveal the hypothetical hatred President Donald Trump supposedly spreads with his rhetoric.

The letter begins with “Dear B****,” following “Your poor grandparents got put into a camp in the USA? Boo hoo hoo ― you Japs murdered thousands of servicemen at Pearl Harbor – did you forget that detail?”

The letter continued “we Trump supporters hate illegals, black thugs, Muslims and bombs, and gays who do nothing but b**** 24 hours a day — and bleeding-heart traitor morons like you who ‘condone’ it.”

You can take a look in letter content but have in mind that the language is pretty filthy:

The Huffington Post published a photo of the envelope in which the letter allegedly arrived in, provided by Fukumoto. But this photo only raised more doubts about its authenticity.

Internet sleuths found out a few problems with the letter.

Thomas Wictor is a Twitter user who pointed out few things that are wrong with the claims.

Firstly, the post office didn’t cancel the stamps. Secondly, on the bottom of the envelope, there was an “intelligent mail barcode” which is used by commercial mailers. As the Huffington Post reported the code was printed by the post office’s sorting machines.

The envelope had 10-cent commemorative stamps, printed back in 1975. The question is who would use collector’s stamps on hate mail?

It was claimed that the letter originated from Los Angeles but the scanned ZIP code proved that is from Honolulu, not from LA.

According to these indications, it’s possible that the letter is fake, moreover that the left has a serious problem these days with false reports.

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  1. Kelli

    August 28, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    To me, it’s also funny that the writer put “La, Calif.” at the end of the letter. If you look at it above in the picture, it just looks weird & out of place. It also looks like someone who was going out of their way to let everyone know where they were from, which to me, I don’t think most people would do :).

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