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Dick Morris: Trump’s Brilliant Mexico Deal

In one stroke, President Donald Trump has defeated the main strategy immigration activists have used to send hundreds of thousands over our southern border and to let them stay in the U.S. — asylum.

Immigration activists had sought to circumvent American immigration laws by claiming that those seeking entry were not conventional immigrants but refugees seeking asylum.

The claim is completely bogus. There is no government discrimination against these “refugees” in their home countries, just an understandable desire to improve their economic lot and their personal safety from drug gangs.

While we can and should empathize with their plight, letting them into the United States is not the solution, lest millions more decide to come.

U.S. courts agree that these asylum seekers have no legal basis, but, once they are on American territory, they acquire all kinds of rights to due process that delay adjudication.

These rights have led to the self-imposed tragedy of family separation and endless delays in deportation. Indeed, of those who sought entry to the U.S. in 2017, 97 percent are reportedly still in the country.

They don’t show up for court and are scattered throughout our vast nation.

Now Trump has conceived and implemented a solution: Adjudicate their cases before they set foot in America.

To this end, he has coerced the Mexican government into deploying a force of 6,000 troops on the Guatemala-Mexican border to catch immigrants as they cross.

Then, with the migrants in Mexico — not America — their cases can be speedily resolved because they will not have the protection of American law or our constitution.

It is a brilliant solution and should end the masquerade of economic migrants seeking to enter our country as political refugees.

Trump’s tactics in threatening economic Armageddon in the form of tariffs succeeded. Good for him! No other American president would ever have done this.

In taking action to stop asylum seekers from entering and never leaving our nation, Trump has put the needs of the blue collar worker whose jobs the immigrants would take over those of the more traditional Republican constituency — their would-would-be employers.

This bold action split the Republican Party, dividing the country club Republicans from the small town members of the Rotary Clubs, Main Street from Wall Street.

his political action took courage, savvy, skilled negotiation, flawless timing and steel nerves.

Bravo Donald Trump!

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