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‘It’ Edges Out Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ At Box Office

People are not that impressed with Tom Cruz new movie “American made.” The movie received 87 % certified fresh rotten tomatoes and a B on cinema score. And sadly, this isn’t his first movie that got low rating Mission: Impossible titles Edge of Tomorrow also received negative feedback.

Some say this is the lowest beginning ever, lowest opening in around 5 years, since Jack Reacher‘s $15M. Some also say it is a great movie but sadly, has a low start.

According to some reports, Uni hopes “American Made” ends up like “Girl on the Train,” but that is a totally different film. The start of the movie was very low($24.5M), but at the end, it received 3.1x multiple ($75.4M).

This is shocking because his mission impossible movies, who were a success, Cruise had an average score with $22M domestic, and this movie is way better and way under that number.

The movie also didn’t score some amazing reactions from the foreign public either, $60M-plus, and winning over the foreign public is Cruise strong side. It will be hard to make this movie a hit, but seeing how Cruise has won older males in his later years maybe something would come out of it. It’s clear that Golden Circle and It are stealing away the 17-34 male crowd from American Made

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