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Experts Say New York Should Accept The Fact That An Earthquake May Strike

One earthquake expert warns that just because an earthquake hasn’t struck since 1884 doesn’t mean it wouldn’t, New York City’s risk of being struck is high.

“We tend to think of seismic activity as a West Coast problem,” Kathryn Miles wrote for the New York Post. “But New York, which is actually riddled with faults, has a long history of earthquakes: On average, the region has witnessed a moderate quake (about a 5.0 on the Richter scale) every hundred years. The last one was in 1884. Seismologists say we can expect the next one any day now.”

Geologist Charles Merguerian claimed the blame lies on 125th Street in NYC, also known as the Manhattanville Fault.

“All we can do is look at the record, and the record is that there was a relatively large earthquake here in the city in 1737, and in 1884, and that periodicity is about 150-year heat cycle,” he stated. “So you have 1737, 1884, 20– and, we’re getting there. But statistics can lie.”

“An earthquake could happen any day, or it couldn’t happen for 100 years, and you just don’t know, there’s no way to predict,” he said.

Miles pointed out that Ramapo Fault, that goes through New Jersey and Pennsylvania, can cause an earthquake of 7.0 strength, that could damage New York City.

Miles claimed, “New York City has 6,000 unreinforced masonry buildings that would collapse in a 7.0 quake.”

He stated that even a medium sized earthquake might cause serious problems, like losses estimated at $39 billion and over 30 million tons of debris.

Even though some seismic activities occurred in New York City in recent years, no damage has been recorded.

Anyhow in Rockaway Beach in Queens, a 5.0 quake occurred in 1884. The earthquake rocked the Brooklyn Bridge and was felt over 70,000 square miles.

And in the end, it is important to think of the unthinkable, According to Merguerian.

“We just have no consciousness towards earthquakes in the eastern United States,” he stated.” “And that’s a big mistake.”

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  2. robert g bernardini

    September 10, 2017 at 2:03 am

    Oh good yeah make it happen I’m sure HAARP can accommodate it . See there not even bother to lie and deceive anymore there just gonna flat out tell ya .. You wonder why there coming for the guns when you already see UN Troops and vehicles compounds set up FEMA camps . They also have communications set up when they take the grid down . You either have a plan and a place to go when the SHTF Food Water Guns Ammo and Gold . Watch the homeless people disappear no one will notice .
    We can only hope the vast majority of the Military says FU to the Government and decides they don’t want the NWO socialist program . Trump hey WTF Lock her up ? Umm No build the wall umm no Drain the swamp Umm No .. No more wars LOL Noooooo

  3. banned quran

    September 10, 2017 at 2:13 am

    Canary Island volcano is coming your way NY. In fact it will have all major states on the east coast under water and will travel more than 15 miles inland. When it does hit, all the islands in the Caribbean will disappear. Time to pack up and move to the mid states neighbor.

  4. Liberal Psychosis

    September 10, 2017 at 2:31 am

    They keep wishing harm during thse storns.
    Karma is a bitch!

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