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Florida Gov. Explains His Priorities And Worries As The Storm Moves Up The Coast

Many Florida residents have been displaced this weekend even before Hurricane Irma approached. Thousands are in danger of losing their homes and the stated is prepared of losing billions in damages.

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, is also at the risk of losing his private property.

Scott has a private residence in Naples, Florida, and faces a high risk of being destroyed seeing how Naples is in the direct path of the hurricane.

Here is Scott’s beachfront:

The property can face 10 to 15 feet flood from Hurricane Irma. When the governor was asked if is worried about damages on Sunday, he said, “I just can’t imagine it’s not going to have water all through the whole house.”

Scott then said few words that describe his priorities:

“It’s nothing new… you can replace a house.”

Explaining he worries about the storm he said:

“I was more worried — my daughter just had two little babies. She’s further inland, and so I was more worried about her.”

His daughter Allison along with her family had evacuated to the governor’s property in Tallahassee on Friday, where Scott and his wife, Ann were already waiting for them.

But seeing how Tallahassee is in the danger now, Scott said that they left soon.

 “They actually went to D.C. today,” he said. “They had come up here but it doesn’t make sense — when it looks like we might be hit up here — for them to be here, especially with five little boys.”

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