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Here Are the Trailblazing Republican Women Who Made History on Tuesday Night

The 2018 midterms have ended, but the effects of the results had permanent impacts on the country’s history.

Republican women changed history by becoming some of the first females to represent their constituents. They ran campaigns that resonated with the citizens of their states and districts, and they showed that women can stand with conservative values.

Here are the history-making Republican women:

Kristi Noem
South Dakota has been a faithfully Republican state for gubernatorial elections since 1978. However, Kristi Noem will be the first female governor in the state’s history.

The race was close due to Noem’s opponent, Billie Sutton, being well-known in South Dakota and being an extremely moderate candidate who opposed gun control and abortion.

Noem is very conservative, opposing Medicaid expansion in her state and fiercely opposing abortion.

Another close race was the Tennessee Senate race between Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen. Blackburn came out on top, becoming the first female senator from Tennessee.

Blackburn’s race gained national attention after singer Taylor Swift endorsed her opponent. The newly-elected senator had a humorous response to the star.

“Well, I hope Taylor will shake it off,” Blackburn said.

Young Kim
Young Kim was the first Korean-American woman ever elected to Congress to represent California’s 39th District. Kim previously told IJR how much the congressional seat meant to her.

“For me, to represent such a diverse district as an Asian-American, and to think that I would be the first Korean-American woman to serve in Congress, it is historic,” Kim said. “But more than the historic significance of it, I’m just excited that we have an opportunity to elect a female representative who fits this district, who’s worked in this district, who has raised and built a family here.”

Kim Reynolds
The newly elected Iowa governor has been acting as governor since 2017 when former Gov. Terry Branstad became the ambassador to China. However, she is not the first woman elected governor of the state of Iowa, and she expressed her gratitude to her constituents.

She has worked with a bipartisan group on health care reform and is very conservative concerning economic issues.

Martha McSally
Although the Arizona Senate race was too close to call and the outcome may not be known for days, Martha McSally still has the potential to be the first Republican woman senator to represent Arizona.

McSally has already made history by being the first female pilot to fly in combat and the first female to serve as a commander of a combat aviation squadron.

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