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Hollywood Actress Discusses ‘Guilt’ Over Feeling Fine Amid Coronavirus When ‘So Many People Aren’t’ — and The Backlash is Brutal

Actress Shailene Woodley of “Big Little Lies” appeared on Yahoo’s Reset Your Mindset event Wednesday and admitted it’s difficult admitting she’s doing well amid the coronavirus pandemic when “so many people aren’t” — and observers shot back with brutal commentary.

The interviewer noted to Woodley the phenomenon of those who feel “bad right now” despite having their health and employment and who feel “guilty about feeling anxious” — and then asked Woodley what she would say to them.

Woodley replied that she was talking to a friend about that subject and said to him, “I’m actually doing really good, but it’s hard to say that when you know so many people aren’t.”

She added that her friend advised she should “recognize what’s going on, to not be ignorant about what’s going on, to be in service the best that you can, and to celebrate where you’re at in your life as well.” Woodley also said her friend noted that “guilt is not gonna help anything, and it’s not going to progress this world.”

YahooLife! added that “part of the way Woodley has been coping during the coronavirus pandemic has been readdressing her relationship with guilt.”

“It’s enough to actually drive us crazy and to create a certain like death within our own minds,” Woodley said, the outlet noted.

Here’s that portion of the interview:

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