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Hunter Biden Moves To Seal Embarrassing Records That Would Be Used ‘Maliciously’ By Media, Report Says

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is reportedly moving to seal all financial records in an ongoing child support lawsuit he is facing in Arkansas that he claims would cause him “embarrassment” as he is allegedly in “significant” debt.

“DNA testing has established, ‘with scientific certainty,’ that Hunter Biden is the father of an Arkansas baby, according to a motion filed Wednesday in Independence County on behalf of the child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts,” The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported last week. “Hunter Biden, who initially denied having sexual relations with Roberts, eventually agreed to take a DNA test, according to documents filed by Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster.”

The Daily Mail reported late on Friday that Biden, 49, “filed the motion for a Protective Order of his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence on Wednesday, citing fears that such information would be used ‘maliciously’ by the media if disclosed publicly.”

“The likelihood that [Biden’s] private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court,” the filing states, according to records obtained by The Daily Mail. “Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the parties involved in this matter, it is in the interest of justice and necessary for a Protective Order to be in place.”

Hunter Biden had claimed that he was not the father and thus agreed to take the DNA test, which Roberts requested because she wanted a court to establish that he was the father since she was seeking child support and for him to provide health insurance for the child.

“While Roberts – who is demanding Biden pay her $11K in legal fees in addition to child support – is said to agree that a Protective Order is appropriate, she has so far refused to fully commit to the current terms demanded by Biden, despite his ‘best efforts’ to secure her acquiescence,” The Daily Mail added. “In addition to the Protective Order, Biden is also requesting an upcoming December 2 hearing be delayed until a decision on the order is made, adding that he has been so far been unable to complete an affidavit of his financials.”

Hunter Biden has been under intense national scrutiny over membership on a the board of an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, while his father was vice president in the Obama administration.

New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel said on Wednesday that Ukraine got its “rationale” for putting Biden on the board of the company because of Joe Biden’s position in the U.S. government and his official government activities in Ukraine.

Joe Biden was asked last week about the news that he was going to be a grandfather, to which Biden responded in anger.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Biden, “Do you have a comment on this report and court filing out of Arkansas that your son Hunter just made you a grandfather?”

“No, that’s a private matter, I have no comment,” Biden responded in annoyance. “But only you would ask that. You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Classy.”

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  1. jackcandobutwont

    December 5, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    There is plenty of embarrasing stuff…..drug use, boinking his brother’s wife, more drug use, boinking a stripper, a bastard baby…enough for 2-3 people!!

    I can only imagine how future Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner will be!! ha ha ha

  2. jackcandobutwont

    December 7, 2019 at 6:18 am

    Hunter should have thought about that before be boinked the stripper!!

    A stiff pecker has no conscience!!

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