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‘I Would Stand’: NFL Coach Has Better Idea for Players to Send Message Than ‘Using 3 Minutes Before the Game’

Former National Football League player and coach, Tony Dungy, said he would stand for the national anthem if he was a player today.

The NFL has faced controversy ever since quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, decided to kneel during the national anthem to bring awareness to police brutality. Many players joined him, though some, like Hall of Fame running back, Jim Brown, condemned the protests.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Dungy expressed that he understands the frustration players feel, but offered a better outlet for their ideas.


I know a lot of these young men and they are trying to be a voice for people that don’t have a voice. They’re speaking up and that’s what the Bible tells us to do, so I respect that. And I respect Jim Brown’s position. I think if I were still coaching, what I would do is tell my players, ‘Let’s come in and talk. Tell me your issues and what you’re upset about. Give me some solutions and I’m going to give you 10 minutes of my press conference every week so you can get that voice. If you want to be a voice, I’m going to give you a platform. Let’s work together on this and maybe not use the 3 minutes before the game during the national anthem. Let’s use the time when you can get your voice really heard.’

Dungy went on to discuss his dad’s service during World War II, adding that soldiers fight to protect the right to protest.

“I would stand because I personally think that’s the way to go,” said Dungy.

The coach also added that the NFL has failed to come together to come up with a better way to use their platform to express their concerns.

“They are not unpatriotic,” said Dungy. “They are not standing against our country; They’re standing, or kneeling, against what’s wrong.”

Although Dungy would have tried to find unity with his coworkers at the NFL, not every coach has as much subtlety.

Dallas Cowboys coach, Jerry Jones, told fans that they could expect every “toe on the line” for the national anthem.

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