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Illinois Gov. Vetoes Gun Control, Says Bans, Regulation Not the Way to Go

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) vetoed legislation Tuesday that would have required federally licensed Illinois gun dealers to acquire a state license for gun sales.
The state license would have been good for five years and would have cost $1,000.

The Washington Post reports that the bill, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, was sponsored by State Rep. Kathleen Willis (D). In addition to state licenses it would have “required training for gun shop employees and videotaping of ‘critical areas’ of businesses, including where guns are stored.”

Rauner told WJPF radio that the Gun Dealer Licensing Act would pose too big a burden economically. He described it as an “unnecessary, burdensome regulation,” saying, “It’s redundant on top of existing federal regulations, it’s crushing to our small business owners and creates bureaucracy that really doesn’t help keep our communities safer.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel described Rauner’s veto as “cruel” and “cold.”



  1. joseph wisniewski

    March 14, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    the only thing cruel and cold is Dead Fish Emanuel , Clean up that shit hole you created

  2. Alean Stoops

    March 15, 2018 at 1:04 am

    Look at history all countries that used gun control lost their Rights to protect them selves from their Government Guns are not just for hunting it is to keep control of the Government as long as “We The People” can and will fight back they Will not take over the country.Look even here is the United States all the states that are controlled by gun control kind of People are having High Crimes . The Police DO NOT protect you You do your the first responder the police show up later and investigate why your dead. Gun Control places like the Gun Free places are where sick people go to kill the unarmed people . When will the Democrats admit this? They are using these young kids because the kids don’t have the knowledge to know what they are asking is wrong Reminds me of when the Democrats used the Black race to push that the republicans were the ones hurting the black race when now we all see it was the Democrats doing the Black race harm and lying to everyone.

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