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As Irma Is Approaching One Resident Decided To Risk Everything

Miami residents witnessed a heavy mass of destruction coming closer and closer to their residence. Earlier, on Saturday, new forecasts predicted that Miami will be spared from harsh hammering and only rain and high winds will happen.

Anyhow, many residents decided to evacuate, and some stayed in their homes. One resident of Miami drew the attention of an MSNBC crew.

Alex Witt, an MSNBC anchor, started the report with summarising the situation. Mariana Atencio, the reporter, was standing on the generally empty Miami beach.

“Winds have clearly picked up, as has the surf, which means that the storm surge would be approaching,” Witt stated.

Enter kite surfer, stage left.

“Mariana, before you get reporting, is that somebody kite-surfing behind you? Oh, come on!” Witt said.

Atencio was waiting for something like this.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to show you, Alex,” she stated. “This is not the scene that officials here, first responders want to be looking at. Because the storm has shifted slightly west, you’re starting to see people here in Miami Beach — which is under a mandatory evacuation order — doing water sports.”

Atencio stated that according to forecast predictions changed the mood of Miami residents, but apparently, it was too early for celebration.

“There are onlookers taking photos. There are also about a dozen people in front of me. It’s a similar scene over on the other side. This is not, again, what the mayor of Miami Beach who called this a ‘nuclear hurricane,’ wants to be seeing right now,” she stated.

Witt was wondering how Miami residents can act differently from their best interest.

“Can I just ask, are there police or security around to tell people to stay out of the waters?” she stated. “Because we know that they have said once the winds hit a certain speed, and it would look like they have hit them already, that they’re clearing the streets themselves.”

Atencio said that even though the police were almost everywhere, but not quite.

“Right now, on this stretch of the beach, I’m not seeing any police around. But I have seen them on every corner of Miami Beach,” she stated.

John S. Roberts stated that while one Floridian felt easier, millions of others weren’t.

“While the kite surfer makes light of the situation, we can’t forget about all those people who have been affected or who will be affected in the near future by this impending natural disaster,” he stated.

“Send your thoughts and prayers. Be prepared to make a donation if you can. Craziness!” he continued.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. judi jj

    September 10, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Be safe and prayers are with Floridians.

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