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‘It’s Very Unfair to African Americans’: Trump Shares How He’s Going to Improve the Criminal Justice System

President Donald Trump announced that he is ready to tackle criminal justice reform to improve many aspects he views as “unfair.”

The president called into “Fox & Friends” to discuss his pending meeting with Kanye West and his plans for updating the criminal justice system and reducing gang-related violence in the United States.

Trump told the Fox hosts that West is “respected and a really great guy.” The president seemed eager to begin reforming the system, pointing to specific states that he would like to mirror.


“We do need reform and that doesn’t mean easy. We’re going to make certain categories tougher when it comes to drug dealing and other things. But there has to be a reform because it’s very unfair right now. It’s very unfair to African Americans. It’s very unfair to everybody and it’s also very costly.

If you look at what they’ve done in Texas, they’ve done a great job. Now Texas is thought of as being a tough state. And also Georgia, Governor [Nathan] Deal. They have done, those two states have done an incredible job. They’re tough, they’re firm, but they really have done a tremendous job with reform.”

The policy changes that Trump referred to in Texas included expanding drug treatment centers and improving criminal reentry programs for individuals released from prison so they do not become repeat offenders.

They claim these reforms will help with limiting the number of individuals who go to prison, saving money, and ensuring that Texas will not have to build additional prisons to hold the expanding population.

President Trump stated that he is encouraged by the support he has had from prominent athletes and celebrities in the African American community, such as West, Hershel Walker, and Evander Holyfield.

The president claimed he earned their support by delivering on policy promises.

“When they look at the unemployment rate, which is the best ever. When they look at the income that African Americans are making under Trump compared to, you know, we’re talking about two years ago. It’s really been pretty amazing.”

Trump emphasized that he would like to strike a balance between being tough on violent crimes while ensuring that as many people stay out of prison as possible.

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