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Man Buys Chick-fil-A for Two Soldiers. When Nine More Show Up, Immediately Pays for Theirs Too

“A little random act of kindness never hurt nobody.” These are the very true words of a man who stepped up to serve those who serve him.

Two brothers from Durham, North Carolina, were eating at a Chick-fil-A when a couple of military service members walked through the door.

Posted by Chick-fil-A Roxboro Road on Friday, January 18, 2019

Jonathan and Stephen Full were with their kids, giving their wives a break to shop and enjoy the day. When Jonathan saw two military members walk through the door, he stood up.

“It’s always been on my mind to pay for some military members’ meals when I get the chance,” Jonathan told WTVD.

He went on to explain his reasons behind the sudden decision to buy their lunch. “It just hit me real good in my heart to do it then. And it just happened.”

But Jonathan had no idea who else was about to walk through those Chick-fil-A doors next. About nine more military members in uniform, both men and women, soon appeared.

“Man is there a bus dropped off somewhere? Did we just hit the motherload here?” Jonathan said. “What felt moving through my heart is I didn’t care if 200 more showed. I was still going to buy the meal.”

His brother Stephen shared on Facebook how proud he was of his younger brother in that moment. And he even caught some photos of the encounter, too.

“He didn’t even bat an eye,” Stephen shared, recalling how Jonathan brought the rest of the military men and women to the front of the line.

In the end, this heartwarming act goes much deeper for these two brothers than anyone knew. Their step-brother Joshua suffered from severe PTSD following a tour in Iraq and, just one week before that day at Chick-fil-A, took his own life.

“(Jonathan) asked (the military members) to reach out to anyone they knew with PTSD and try their best to get them the help they needed,” Stephen wrote on Facebook.

Proud big brother moment.. we took the kids out to eat and hit Costco up, so Nikki and Alex could have some time…

Posted by Stephen Full on Saturday, March 9, 2019

Stephen also shared with WTVD that Jonathan told the military members to “save your money for something more than just feeding yourself. Let us take care of you since you take care of us.”

What a positive example that will no doubt stick with their children who looked on. As Jonathan put it, “A little random act of kindness never hurt nobody.” We couldn’t agree more!

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1 Comment

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