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Mark Levin Comes Completely Unglued, Destroys Dems and Media for Anti-Trump ‘Coup Effort’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin came completely unglued on his radio show Friday evening over what he described as a “coup effort” to unseat President Donald Trump and brazen Democratic hypocrisy.

The story that dominated cable news airwaves this week was the meeting that took place last June at Trump Tower between a controversial Russian lawyer, three members of Trump’s campaign — Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort — a former Soviet military counterintelligence officer, a publicist, an unknown translator and an eighth person who so far remains a mystery.

According to Levin, the amount of time the media has spent covering the story reveals their anti-Trump bias, considering they never really gave much airtime to meetings that former President Barack Obama had with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, two organizations with terrorism ties.

“Anybody remember Barack Obama meeting with a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Anybody remember the multiple occasions when the Muslim Brotherhood had official visits at the White House? Any investigation of that?” Levin began.

“How about CAIR? Meetings with CAIR. Does that bother anybody? Obama having meetings with CAIR. CAIR having its way with the White House and so forth,” Levin continued. “You have the president of the United States meeting with the Muslim brotherhood, meeting with members of CAIR. You have a president of the United States selling out the United States to a regime in Iran with secret deals bypassing the treaty clause of the Constitution.”

“Now that’s serious ladies and gentlemen!” Levin emphasized. “That’s big news! That’s a big deal!”

Levin went on to explain that he’s not really concerned with the Trump Jr.-Trump Tower meeting story.

“No, I’m not worked up about eight Russians, 12 Russians or four Russian and a partridge in a pear tree having a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. who has no say about anything, who passed no information and who received no information about Hillary Clinton and her damn campaign,” Levin said.

“And I am sick and tired of this coup effort! I am done with it!” Levin yelled.

Levin’s comments come after the former Soviet officer who attended the meeting, Rinat Akhmetshin, revealed to the Associated Press that the lawyer who attended the meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya, brought with her documents that allegedly proved illegal activities conducted by the Democratic National Committee.

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  2. Barbara Johnson

    July 16, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Yep the boomerang effect is in full force the left has actually damaged them selves over yet again another nothing burger collusion theory. They obviously will never learn that facts speak for them selves not pathetic delusional theories because they cannot ever forgive Trump for winning over Hillary. I thank God every day that Hillary lost the election even though it was rigged in her favor. The left has forgotten a concept that must be alien to them and that is truth.

  3. June Wilson

    July 16, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    The Media and democrats keep beating the dead horse and I agree with Mark Levin….I am so sick of it on the news ( even on Fox News) 24/7. Sick,sick,sick of it! They have no case but they will not stop the nonsense!!! America wants to know why Hillary,Obama,Lynch,and Rice aren’t getting half the attention the President is!!! The President has done nothing wrong but we all know the others certainly need investigated!!! Get over it democrats and media….do your real job or have you forgotten how???

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