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Michael Keaton Begs Trump to ‘Please Get Out of the Way’

Actor Michael Keaton has apparently had enough of President Donald Trump’s presence during his regular White House coronavirus press briefings and is begging the commander in chief to “move out of the way.”

The Batman star wrote in an Instagram post that he wants the president to “just, please get out of the way.”


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Please. I swear. I’m not even hating or yelling. Just, please get out of the way. No one will get mad. Please. Move out of the way. Please.

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President Trump has been holding almost daily press conferences on his administration’s efforts to battle the spread of the coronavirus. He has also verbally sparred with prominent reporters from CNN, NBC News, and PBS.

The televised briefings are drawing huge numbers of viewers, but some major news outlets are beginning to cut away or not show the briefings altogether.

Their decision comes as President Trump’s approval rating has climbed to the highest point in his presidency, reaching 49 percent last week according to Gallup.

Keaton recently voiced his support for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a potential presidential candidate. “This guy is showing real leadership and with CLARITY,” he wrote on Instagram earlier this week. “Cuomo-Fauci 2024. Joking (kind of).”

The Beetlejuice star has previously criticized President Trump’s refugee policy. In 2017, the actor slammed a White House executive order temporarily suspending the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, calling it “another recruitment tool” for ISIS. “This administration creates Mayhem with no end in sight,” Keaton also said.

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