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Michelle Obama Challenged Melania Trump… Got a BRUTAL RESPONSE!

Melania Trump hosted Queen Rania of Jordan at the White House on Wednesday, and she put Michelle Obama to shame by showing the Jordanian royals that America can actually have a First Lady who is beautiful, elegant, and classy.

The Express reported that Melania looked gorgeous in an emerald green skirt suit. The outfit was nipped in at the waist with a patent black crocodile belt with a gold, square buckle.


Meanwhile, Queen Rania looked as beautiful as ever in a monochrome outfit with a black skirt and matching jacket, punctuated with a white scarf and matching white heels.

It was almost embarrassing to see Queen Rania be hosted by Michelle Obama during her husband’s presidency, as she could not even hope to measure up to the Jordanian queen in any way. We’re so relieved to FINALLY be represented by a beautiful and amazing First Lady again!

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