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Mike Pence MAKES HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump – TRUMP IS CHEERING!

We must be proud to have Mike Pence as a Vice President.

With Donald Trump, America has a type of leader it hasn’t seen since Ronald Reagan. A strong decisive leader. One who knows how to win. One who is sick of getting rolled by smarter foreign leaders, often in cahoots with our own corrupt politicians, CEO’s, and lobbyists to defraud the American people of their birthright.

Liberals prefer a weak America. Run by weak leaders. Because they are easy to control. Easier to loot our treasury when the man in charge is a fool (see Obama.)

Trump is doing everything he can in order to keep his campaign promises. He is working for American People to help and make America great again. So far he has done an amazing job.

Pence went on Twitter and say again what President Trump has been telling the American people since day one.

.@POTUS knows what all of you know: That when manufacturers are strong, America is strong. #VPinOH

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