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Moore’s Opponent Doug Jones Has His Own Dark Secrets That are Surfacing Now

The voters of Alabama will decide the faith of Judge Roy Moore. It’s not up to the Washington Post nether to the liberal media. Sure if Moore really fondled a 14-year-old girl he should be in the Senate. However, that’s not a fact, it’s an allegation, an allegation Moore denied many times.

Joel Pollak explained that the people in Alabama know where they stand on Moore. Either they believe him or don’t. So, now the discussions are shifted to Doug Jones and what he represents. Recently we found out something about Jones’ that raises a concern. This is not an allegation it is a documented fact.

In the 80s, Jones was a private defense attorney and he represented Tom Posey, a key figure in the Iran-Contra affair with ties to the KKK and Holocaust deniers.

In 1983, Posey founded the Civilian Materiel Assistance (CMA) group, a group that was training the rebel groups and was supplying them with weapons in Nicaragua. Posey was charged with an illegal gun-running to Nicaragua and was allegedly cooperating with a White House liaison to send weapons to the Nicaraguan rebels.

Eventually, Posey’s charges were dropped thanks to Doug Jones.

If you look closely at Jones’ record you will see that he has nothing in common with the average Alabama voter. He supports late-term abortions and gun control policies. He is also is soft on immigration. Soft on crime. Soft on basically everything that the average Alabama voter cares about.

The race is not over jet and Judge Moore could easily win because the allegations against him are just stories. The only piece of evidence proving he is guilty is, in fact, a forgery. Gloria Allred refused to give the yearbook to an expert to determine if the signature is his, and a few days later she admitted that she is not sure if the signature is really his.

Two Alabama Senate polls showed different results of the race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore.

One poll by Raycom News Network showed that Moore was by 2-point in the lead, while a poll by Breitbart News showed him with a 6-point lead. And in a poll released by Raycom Moore held 11-point lead.

The liberal media will say that the people of Alabama don’t really care if their candidate is a child predator, but the truth is that they don’t believe everything the liberal media says.

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  1. Allen Elliott

    November 23, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Satan is the accuser, that is what his name means, and the Democrats were so quick to accused before any facts were brought and make it public. Intending to destroy more with it. Another celebrity Said she did not care how many innocent people are destroyed She just wants all men known as sexual harassers.

  2. Merida McKnight

    November 23, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    And like I would never doubt anything the fake news says! If I were in the judges state I would not only vote for him I would work for him round the clock and all the a$$holes in the congress or otherwise can kiss an Elephants A$$! I know that this man will help Trump right the ship!

  3. Doyle Carroll

    November 23, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Ask yourself this question. If it were me, and I knew I was innocent, how would I feel about being accused, and not even charged, but these ugly stories persisted.

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