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Obama Tried to Save Obamacare From Calls to Repeal with a Plan for How Trump Could Own It Instead

Former President Barack Obama told donors during the question and answer segment of a Thursday fundraiser that he tried to convince then-President elect Donald Trump to rename and take credit for Obamacare instead of repealing it.

“I said to the incoming president, ‘Just change the name and claim that you made these wonderful changes and I would be like, ‘You go,”” he said, according to CNN. “Because I didn’t have pride of authorship, I just wanted people to have health care.”

President Trump chose not the take his predecessor’s advice and attempted to persuade Republicans in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act last year, but they failed to garner enough votes in the Senate to do so.

At the fundraiser, former President Obama said they “couldn’t do it despite controlling all branches of government in Washington. They couldn’t do it because we had actually thought it through and it’s a hard thing to do.”

While the GOP was unable to fully repeal Obamacare, they did dismantle parts of it, including the individual mandate — a move the former president has said “essentially repealed Obamacare” due to the possibility that insurers may drop out and fewer consumers may enroll.

Former President Obama has long called for conservatives to rename Obamacare if it meant they’d keep it intact, saying in 2016, “They can even change the name of the law to Reagancare or they can call it Paul Ryancare. I don’t care about credit. I just want it to work.”

At the fundraiser, he also addressed the notion that he pushed for more comprehensive healthcare coverage for Americans out of concern for his own legacy.

“The idea that I somehow took on health care just because I thought it was fun or it would somehow burnish my legacy is nuts,” he said. “Because we knew going in in 2008 that every president since Teddy Roosevelt had failed to do what every other advanced democracy in the world has done.”



  1. Dean Perry

    June 30, 2018 at 3:32 am

    Now if Oprah had suggested this Trump would have done it!

    • Evangelina Martinez

      June 30, 2018 at 4:02 am

      Dean Perry, No President Trump would not have done it even if Oprah had said it. On another note, I don’t know who Obama thinks he’s fooling. Anything and Everything he says is nothing but a Lie and can’t be believed. He has Lied to the American People about everything and on so many different levels that he Lies just to get what he want’s. No more.

    • brian MCMILLAN

      June 30, 2018 at 6:53 am

      Go away little man.

  2. Kimberly

    June 30, 2018 at 3:38 am

    I’m glad he didn’t take his advise It is and will always be a disaster. I lost perfectly good affordable healthcare and now I have had none for 4 years because it’s unaffordable.

    • Evangelina Martinez

      June 30, 2018 at 4:06 am

      Kimberly try MedisharePlan 1-800-918-5344. Maybe they can help you.

    • Sandy

      June 30, 2018 at 4:11 am

      I carried insurance on my family for 15 years until Obama care came along I couldn’t afford it anymore and my husband wasn’t allowed on my plan either

  3. Lee-Anne Turner

    June 30, 2018 at 3:49 am

    Yes those defending obamacare fail to mention the rising cost etc and why did he Obama name it after himself anyway if it wasn’t for personal self .. we have Medicare in Australia should be a medical plan where it is free or cheaper for elderly etc the rich can take on a personal healthcare plan and all those working pay a health care levy tax time thathelps cover the costs .. our government continues to attempt to take that away from Aussie people as well as raise our food , energy , petrol , water so they can keep handing billions off to mostly Muslim countries ..i think they assume if they pay protection money it will keep them safe .. so much for doing deals with t**r****ts

  4. Lee-Anne Turner

    June 30, 2018 at 3:50 am

    Lol as if he wouldn’t gloat about that ..

  5. Paul

    June 30, 2018 at 5:24 am

    It was not affordable to anyone but those on welfare. It was a lie and an introduction to what would have to evolve into a single payer health system.

    Those without insurance do not need to be insured, but they may need assistance paying for their visits, which may be once a year, or once every 3 years. Certainly no reason for every tax payer to face increased to make sure a monthly premium is being paid for every uninsured person, many of which will not use it. It would have been best to assist those without medical coverage on a pay as you go scenario, assisting with bills that they may only be able to make very small payments on. Obamacare was a foolish waste of tax payer dollars, costing many working class dearly.

  6. paulette

    June 30, 2018 at 9:35 pm


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