Obama Will Be Upset When He Sees The New Oval Office
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Obama Will Be Upset When He Sees The New Oval Office

Obama will be upset when he sees the new Oval Office. The corrupted leader and his wife had very different taste in interior design that our new elegant first family. President Trump has a great eye for elegance and he will fix up the White House as it was a mess when he arrived in January.

The interior in the White House is a mess right now, there are a lot of heavy machines renovating the exterior as well. The White House clearly needed this renovation.

The main thing that Trump is renovating is the heating and cooling systems since it was dated, and also other things that needed an update.


This is why President Trump and the staff are out of the WH this August. He is staying in his Bedminster, N.J. And the staffers who are currently staying at the West Wing will be working out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door, where Vice President Mike Pence and his personal team are staying

When President Trump returns from his vacation he will be coming home to a new improved White House as it should be. And in the long run, he will leave a house with improved living and working standards for the other presidents to come, unlike Obama who did nothing.

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