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One Terrified Texas Survivor In Tears After He Learned His Father Was Okay

On the evening of August 25, Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southeastern coast of Texas. The storm itself had been a worrisome force on the radar screen for days; what wasn’t fully predicted was the utter devastation it would cause across the city of Houston.

Hurricane Harvey hit the southeastern part of Texas on the 25th of August. The storm was predicted by the Synoptics and everyone knew it was coming, however, no one predicted the scale and the terror it will bring with it and spray it on the city of Houston.

Houston, a city that is predisposed to floods, was hit with unprecedented rainfall, which left thousands of its people in chaos and stranded. Even news crews had hard time navigation and reporting this story due to the damage the storm has caused.

Local Rockport resident was approached by CNN reporter Nick Valencia, Aaron Mitchell was in tears, devastated, barely able to speak. He described the storm and told the reporter he was separated from his family.

The resident continued telling Valencia that he had to walk for 12 miles in the dark flooded streets trying to find his own father.

He was so heart broken, due to the fact he lost everything he ever owned. The reporter asked about the names of his parents, and Mitchell replied: Betty and Brian.

The discouraged man shared his mother is safely in Oklahoma, however, he still has no clue where his father might be. He turned worried to the camera and reassured them he was fine and alive and that he is searching for them, hoping his parents will see this broadcast.

Luckily for him, CNN reporters located his father and using their satellites connected him with his father. Mitchell couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, as he heard his father voice. His smile immediately returned.

“Are you okay?” he said in one breath, crying with tears of joy. “Dad, I love you.”

After the broadcast, Mitchell board a bus that evacuates the victims from Rockport to Austin and reunited with his father.

Due to the devastation Hurricane Harvey left, authorities now say that around 30,000 people will need a temporary shelter. Furthermore, they roughly estimated 45,000 victims will be needing some form of disaster relief in the upcoming days or weeks.

For victims like Aaron Mitchell, as we find out from the compassionate news crew, the only thing that matters in this world is to be reunited with the loved ones. As peoples from all across the nation came to aid the victims of the devastating storm, the whole country is once again remained that there is no force greater than love.

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  2. Joan

    August 29, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    It’s so hurtful to see such destruction and unhappiness of people’s lives. GOD HAVE MERCY.
    It was kind and thoughtful of this reporter, like the reporter’s of old.

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