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Pelosi Claims to Speak For God : “TrumpCare Bad, Abortions OK”

Loopy Democrat Nancy Pelosi is unable to open her mouth without saying something ridiculous these days.

It’s almost as if she’s trying to make Democrats bad, or parody herself, as her demented comments get more and more outlandish.

Now, Pelosi, who claims to be a “pro-abortion Catholic,” is saying that President Trump’s new healthcare plans “dishonor God,” but refused to answer when asked whether God would be ok with abortions.

Pelosi demonstrates perfectly that Democrats have no message, other than anti-Trump rhetoric, and are completely out of touch with reality and modern America.

The audacity to essentially claim to “speak for God” by telling the American people that our choice is dishonoring “The Man Upstairs” is bad enough, but the hypocrisy of dodging questions about abortion makes it even worse.

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