President Trump Breaks 'Politics 101' Rule for 'Made in America' Day Showcase — and His Fans Love It
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President Trump Breaks ‘Politics 101’ Rule for ‘Made in America’ Day Showcase — and His Fans Love It

President Donald Trump on Monday broke the unofficial rule against presidents wearing headwear in public — and his fans loved it.

During a “Made in America” product showcase, Trump tried on a famous Stetson cowboy hat for the cameras. The event marked the launch of “Made in America” week, part of the president’s initiative to increase U.S. manufacturing.

It’s been a while since a president has been photographed in a cowboy hat. It seemed like Trump’s fans really liked the surprise move.

He even drew quite the comparison to one person:

“Remember the old days? We used to have made in the USA, made in America. … We’re going to start doing that again,” Trump said. “We’re going to put that brand on our product, because it means it’s the best.”

Trump then announced he would sign a presidential proclamation establishing “Made in America” week and naming July 17 “Made in America Day.”

But where did the unofficial “no hat” rule come from? It is believed to have started with Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, according to Politico:

The unofficial rule against presidents wearing unusual hats is widely credited to Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, whose decision to wear a tank-commander’s helmet during a ride in an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank has been widely ridiculed to this day.

Former President Barack Obama broke the same rule in 2016, but his look couldn’t have been more different from Trump’s.

It’s only fitting as their administrations have run the country so drastically different so far as well.

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