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See Who Just Sold Food Stamps To Buy Heroin, Arrested For Welfare Fraud

Part of President Trump’s plan to improve America has to do with reducing wasteful spending. Cracking down on welfare fraud is at the top of the list.

Of course, reducing the flow of dangerous illegal drugs across our southern borders is a high priority as well, and Trump has a fix for that too. However, when you combine welfare fraud with the use of illegal drugs like heroin, we end up with a two-fold problem.

A Pennsylvania woman who sold her food stamps (SNAP) card on Facebook for half it’s $194 dollar monetary value in order to buy heroin was just arrested for welfare fraud.

The Daily Caller reported:

Authorities charged a woman who sold her food stamps in order to score heroin and 63 other Pennsylvania residents with welfare fraud Monday.

The state Inspector General’s Office alleges that the defendants cost Pennsylvania roughly $285,000 by ripping off medical assistance benefits, food programs and state daycare services. One woman, 25-year-old Dana R. Pryor, is accused of selling her food stamps to buy heroin and helping another woman to do the same, reports Penn Live.

Pryor allegedly aided Tanya Keenan-Mack Feb. 6 when she used Facebook to sell her state Access Card for $100, which held $194 of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

“My Food Stamps at Half Price,” read the Facebook post. “I’m looking to sell them ASAP.”

Pryor also sold an Access Card Feb. 18 without Facebook, which held $107 in benefits. In both cases the women used their profits to buy $30 of heroin. Pryor is charged with misdemeanor fraud and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

She will also be disqualified from receiving any future welfare benefits if found guilty.

President Trump wants to focus on reducing waste by eliminating as much welfare fraud as possible. Under the Obama administration, welfare rolls grew by the thousands because of his socialist philosophy of redistribution of wealth. Millions of dollars have been wasted on people who just removed themselves from the workforce because they could get free money from the government.

Now, that is going to change under Trump and millions of liberal snowflakes are none too happy about it! We conservatives, however, are ecstatic!

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  1. Jim

    June 26, 2017 at 1:30 am

    The sad thing about whats happening with food stamps, these drug addicts have been doing this forever and they will continue to do forever because our government is run by incompetent fools.

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