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Sgt. Souza Defended Pharmacy From Two Armed Robbers While Holding a Baby in His Arms

No one expects the neighborhood pharmacy to be a dangerous place, and no family should ever fear to shop with their kids there, but sadly a horrible incident was recorded on the security cameras showing the opposite.

Sergeant Rafael Souza wound himself and his family in the middle of an armed robbery when he was buying some medicine in a pharmacy in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Jefferson Alves, 24, a resident of Campo Limpo and one of the robbers, pointed a gun at Sgt. Souza. Souza said the suspect planned to shot him so he pulled his gun out and shot him before he chased the other man.

The gunman came rushing into the pharmacy that the police officer didn’t have enough time to put his son down. With one hand holding and shielding the small boy and the other shooting the robbers Sgt. Souza managed to defend himself, his family and the rest of the pharmacy.

His wife quickly laid down on the floor and reached for the boy, the officer gave the little child to her and started chasing the robbers.

After seeing the video there are few things worth noting.

First is the fact that gun violence does not “only happens in the United States.”

Even though the liberals would like you to believe that only America has a problem with criminals possessing guns, that is just not the reality.

In fact, Brazil, has very strict gun policies, making it illegal to carry a gun outside one’s home, except the police.

Even though South America has such strict gun laws the nation it’s not even close to being a safe paradise. Actually, Brazil has five times higher murder rate than America.

Another thing worth mentioning from this video is the fact that criminals never care where you are, and that criminal acts can happen at any time. The reality is that there is no way to predict when would danger present itself.

It could happen anywhere at any time or, just like in this video, while the father is carrying his son buying some medicine.

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