Ship Sails Through 100-Foot Wave
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Ship Sails Through 100-Foot Wave

A footage from 2016 of a ship in the North Sea sailing through massive waves, including a “100 foot wave” crashing on deck has emerged.

The whole incident was filmed by a man who was in the safety cabin, the video shows the horrifying storm that the ship surprisingly survived.

The man who was filming the whole thing apparently had fun, despite the obvious danger. On the video, the man can be heard laughing with another person apparently next to him.

“That’s f****** awesome!” he yelled as the wave was crashing on deck.

There were many comments from users wondering how the ship survived the storm and pointing out that the person on the ship was laughing and not panicking.

“That laugh was the scariest part,” read the top comment on the video, which has over 5 million views.

The passengers and crew on board didn’t get hurt and are fine now. But if the vessel was smaller, certainly that ship would have been destroyed now.

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