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Snowflakes Who Walked Out Of Pence’s Notre Dame Speech Get DEVASTATING NEWS

On Sunday, Notre Dame University students walked out of their own graduation ceremony as Vice President Mike Pence gave the commencement address. Immediately after the protest, however, this move came back to bite these liberal snowflakes in a big way.

Mad World News reported that social media personality Chad Prather fired back at these students with a Facebook rant that included three words that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

“Employers…go find the video of the college grads at Notre Dame walking out on the vice president’s commencement speech,” he said. “Remember their faces and don’t make the mistake of hiring them.”

“As a boss, you will do and say things they disagree with and their feelings will be hurt. This is how they respond to disappointment. I have a strong feeling they will be experiencing a lot of it in the years to come,” he continued.

The Texas cowboy went on to say that this is nothing more than the product of a generation that wasn’t properly disciplined.

“This little juvenile protest demonstrates the fact that this generation has never been held accountable with consequences from their actions,” he concluded. “If one of my kids walked out on Joe Biden in that fashion, there would’ve been hell to pay. Believe THAT!”

Twitter users made it clear that they agreed with Prather:

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