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Student Says Teacher Died Trying to Save Them in Florida HS Shooting

We’re now beginning to hear the stories of escape, fear and heroism from Wednesday’s Florida high school shooting.

Of the 17 people who were killed in the incident, one teacher reportedly died while trying to save his students.

A student named Alex told WSVN-TV her teacher ran to the door to open it so students could escape, and as he was trying to help them to safety, he was killed in front of her:

“We heard our fire alarm for the second time that day, which was weird, and we left the classroom, which he locked the door so we could leave. And when people are halfway down the stairwell, it just stopped – the alarm stopped. And we heard gunshots coming from the first floor or the second floor, and people were running upstairs even from the second floor. And he opened … And we all got upstairs and into our classrooms. He when tried to unlock the door – me and a couple other people ran in. And as he was closing the door, he was actually shot and killed right there. The door was left open the whole time, so as he walked by the door was open, and he could have walked in at any time, and we just had to be as quiet as possible. … We all hid in the corner, and that was it.”

Alex’s mom said “we’re just terrified. We just moved here from Canada a few months ago, and the thought that this would be where we would be with a school shooting is a nightmare. I never imagined.”

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