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Swedish People are Sacred to Leave Their Homes Because of High Crime Rate Involving Islamic Immigrants

The liberals are always saying diversity is our strength, but they never specify what kind of diversity they are thinking about.

Sweden is learning the hard way that welcoming a large number of people who do not like or respect the country values is not so wise.

Recent Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention poll shows that 50% of the residents who live in areas with a high number of immigrants now feel unsafe to leave their homes.

The liberals will say that those people are just xenophobic, but the reality is that the residents feel unsafe because of the high rate of serious crime issues concerning the Islamic immigrants.

“In some suburbs, many choose to not even go out because of the insecurity,” reported the Swedish-language SVT News.

“Forty-eight percent report that they are experiencing insecurity when they are out late at night in their own residential area,” the report continued. “Because of this, many choose not to even go out, the survey shows.”

Sweden has welcomed thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants this past year. Five years ago the Malmö population in southern Sweden was around 300,000 and today is approximately 320,000.

“In the last year, the number increased by 6,000 and authorities say the driving force behind the increase is mass migration, predominantly from Middle Eastern nations,” local Swedish news continued.

It would be very different if the immigrates coming to our countries wanted to assimilate our culture and values, but when they come here and do not accept the beliefs our world has is a problem. How can one coexist whit someone who wants to take away his rights and even kill people different from him?

The effects are not like the left wants you to believe, mixing two different cultures will end in disaster, it would be easier to mix water and oil than two societies with entirely opposing objectives and worldviews.

If you take a look at the world history you will find that the motto “diversity is our strength” is false, the most conflicts are ethical ones and they still occur in multicultural countries.

Almost whole Europe history is filled with wars between two cultures.

Now the liberals want to be right so bad that they are willing to put at risk our entire nation. They want to appear tolerant no matter what that they are ignoring all the facts and evidence that show diversity is not a wise thing.

So, if counters like Sweden continue to import immigrants, they might endanger their own citizens just to have a multicultural experiment.

When your own people are too afraid to leave their homes that has to be a red flag that something is not going well.

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  1. robert bernardini

    November 23, 2017 at 4:57 am

    Dear Sweden do what we are doing in America vote in a man of the people then go after the illegal immigrants who were brought into your country by the George Soros lead Globalist POS then go after the pedophiles until you reach the upper levels of your society . Take back your country before it’s too late .

  2. Anna M. Kemp

    November 23, 2017 at 5:02 am

    how do i share this on fb?

  3. Nick Carter

    November 23, 2017 at 6:29 am

    Shame on you Swedes for selling out your own nation! Get off yoru asses and do what is ncessary to save yourselves. Throw out this hostile culture that preaches it is right to torture, murder, decapitate and crucify non-believers! Read Quran verse 5:33 to see if I exaggerate! There are 109 verses in the Qran that support violence and even rape of non-believers. How’s this for warped? The Quran teaches that if a woman is captured by a Muslim, she cannot accuse him of rape, because she should be willing to obey his command.

    The Quran allows Muslims to lie to gain tactical advantage against the enemy. It tells we are the enemy and Muslims may not befriend us. It describes Allah as the greatest deceiver. It tells that Islam is at war with all those that refuse to accept Islam. I teaches it is acceptable to kill civilian women and children of non-believers. This is not an acceptable religion. Buddism teaches gentleness, peace and truth is the goal. So does Hindism, Judaism and every Christian.

    Go to the “The Religion of Peace” website of you want to educate yourself! It tells on the true nature of Islam.

    Islam is satan pretending to be a religion of God.

  4. John

    November 23, 2017 at 10:49 am

    The islam people have been fighting before the birth of Jesus Christ ,what makes us think that we can stop them now,they want to rule the world and force tbeir beliefs upon everybody elsewhere and all their customs.

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