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Syrian Chemical Attack Survivor To President Trump: ‘I Want To Buy You A Beer’

Kassem Eid survived a chemical attack in Syria in 2013, and in the wake of Friday night’s missile strike, he’d like nothing more than to buy President Donald Trump a beer.

Eid told CNN’s Ana Cabrera that the president’s action once again proved he has “a big heart.”.

I just want to tell Mr. Trump directly: I’m a Syrian refugee who survived chemical weapons attacks, who lived under two years of siege and bombardment by the government. I would love to, like, buy you a beer, and just sit in front of you and tell you how bad it is in Syria.
Eid implored the president to “listen to his heart,” not just his generals, and compared Trump’s response in Syria to Obama’s inaction. “You proved once again, yesterday, that you have a big heart. At least a lot more bigger than Obama because you actually tried to do something. We need real, long-term commitment to bring peace to Syria.”

He went on to suggest that a failure to continue to press Assad could result in the creation of “ISIS 2.0.”

Eid had also appeared on CNN in April of 2017, after President Trump authorized a retaliatory strike on Syria for a similar chemical attack, and offered an emotional “thank you” to a president who was willing to challenge the brutal regime under which he had lived.

If you just give me a few seconds just to tell President Trump once again, please, sir, what you did was amazing, what you did was powerful message of hope for a lot of people inside and outside of Syria. Please, don’t stop on this.
He also criticized the Obama administration and challenged the narrative by claiming that most Syrians would rather be safe in their own country than come to the United States for safety. “I didn’t see you raising your voice against President Obama’s inaction in Syria that led us refugees, that made us refugees get kicked out of Syria. If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please, help us stay in our — in our country. We don’t want to come to United States,” he said.

President Trump has not yet responded to Eid’s “beer summit” invitation.

Watch below to see Eid’s powerful description of the chemical attack he survived and the oppressive and violent regime under which so many Syrians still live.



  1. Barbara L Welch

    April 16, 2018 at 4:17 am

    once again Trump is right. You know we have not had a president this qualified in many many years. One he knows he cannot know everything but he surrounds himself not with yes men/women he surrounds himself with those living and breathing for years their positons he ease out suck up high ranks from odumbo era and put the real warriors up front everything goes through him but he makes his decisions based an reality he reads his intel sheet everyday he is in touch with his body of beings he is available to them 24/7. I just watch him moving through his day and get worn out just watching lol God bless him and keep him his family and his administration safe. Remove the jackal Father

  2. David

    April 16, 2018 at 4:47 am

    God Bless you for all for dangerous time in Syria, assad need to be killed!

  3. Thomas K

    April 16, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    CNN & the Deep State found another shill. The man doesn’t even look Syrian. It’s been proven over and over again that Assad has not used chemical weapons against his own people. The opposite has been proven, yet the mainstream media of course will not report this. They even ignore it when Gen. Mattis said there was no proof. As recent as last week General Mattis said there was no proof of the Syrian government ever using chemical weapons against its own people. Then the Deep State held a gun to his head, and made him bomb Syria again. This was all one day BEFORE the international chemical weapons investigation crew arrived in Damascus. How convenient. Destroy the very facilities that have previously been proven that there are no chemical weapons being manufactured there. They had to destroy evidence, or lack thereof. The Syrian government along with the help of the Russian military has been very successful in fighting terrorism in their country in spite of the interference from the West, especially the US. Why don’t more Americans see what is going on. This is such a satanic plot. Too many people watch the mainstream media. It has been a long planned out campaign by the Deep state in the US, Europe & Saudi Arabia to overthrow not only Syria but six other countries, including Libya Iraq and Iran. Get what’s going on? Days after Trump said he was going to pull out of Syria then magically, especially when Assad & the Russians military are near Victory, another chemical attack? This is after the rebels and the fake White Helmets were caught staging another event. Americans, you need to wake up and see the truth of what is going on. We need to urge president Trump too stick to his resolve to not go along with the whims of the Deep State in overthrowing sovereign countries and legitimate leaders. It did not work in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. It has only caused disaster, millions of lives lost & millions of refugees causing disasters in Europe and America with the refugee crisis. This is what the globalists have wanted to do, do what they do best, create chaos

  4. Nick

    April 16, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  5. Steve Fye

    April 16, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Sorry buddy, Trump is one of the few presidents that isn’t a drunkard or a drug addict. Bush was a boozer and a coke head and Obama would smoke, drink or snort anything he could get his hands on. Bill Clinton was an alter boy. LMAO

  6. Bonnie

    April 17, 2018 at 2:51 am

    Interesting on how to keep America involved with everyone’s problems when we have so many of our own. Also, it’s interesting about dastardly Russia yet how we’ve been kissing up to the mass murderer forever. National Geographic called it the motherland…to whom?

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