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Ted Cruz Exposes the Real Reason Why Texas Shooter Was Able to Purchase a Gun

The man who carried out the attack in the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, wasn’t legally allowed to get a gun, but because the Air Force didn’t notify the FBI of his domestic violence convictions he passed the background check.

Now everybody wonders why he was able to cheat the system. His conviction prohibited him to buy or possess a gun, and even he was denied a handgun license from Texas when he applied for one.

“So how was it that he was able to get a gun? By all the facts that we seem to know, he was not supposed to have access to a gun,” Governor Gregg Abbott said during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “So how did this happen?”

Right now, the reason for his license to carry is still unknown, maybe State of Texas had access to information’s that the FBI’s background check system did not.

He purchased his rifle in Colorado and lied to BATFE form 4473 (the background check form) about his criminal history. The lied should have been caught by the FBI’s NICS system, but it wasn’t. Because the Air Force didn’t inform them.

So why the FBI wasn’t informed? Senator Ted Cruz says it was because of the Democrats filibustered legislation in 2013 that would’ve obligated the Air Force to report that conviction to the FBI for record.

The junior Senator from Texas said that because of the Democrats’ filibuster of Grassley-Cruz legislation criminals today can lie to the system and get rifles.

“This should have been stopped beforehand,” Cruz told Shannon Bream. “Under federal law, it was illegal for this individual to purchase a firearm. He had a conviction for a crime that is punishable by more than a year in prison, and he had a conviction for multiple domestic violence crimes. Both of those – it’s already ineligible.”

With several convictions, is shocking that no one reported him to the FBI. Cruz said his and Senator Chuck Grassley legislation would have prevented this man to purchase a firearm.

“In 2013, in the wake of Sandy Hook, I joined with Chuck Grassley, we introduced legislation that was called the Grassley-Cruz legislation. And it was aggressive legislation targeting felons and violent criminals to stop them from getting guns.”

“There were a couple of elements to that legislation that were critical. One, it mandated that federal agencies, including the Air Force, report to the NICS because that was a problem back then.”

That is right, the legislation was created to target those who would try to obtain guns illegally.

“Cruz Task Force. Task Force and $10 million per year for 5 years to prosecute felons and fugitives who try to get guns. Created task force and proposes funding of $10 million per year for five years to prosecute felons and fugitives who fail National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) – funded through the Asset Forfeiture Fund.”

So, if Democrats are so against guns and violence, then why on earth did they oppose this legislation? Apparently, they are more focused on targeting the law-abiding citizens who own guns.

“That is a felony, to lie on those forms.”

Anyhow, Obama administration didn’t care so much to prosecute the people who lied on those forms.

“In 2010, 48,000 felons and fugitives lied and tried to illegally purchase guns. They prosecuted only 44 of them.”

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  1. Tom Nothacker

    November 8, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    So why Sen.Cruz did you vote for mentally impaired people could buy guns? Also what else was hidden in yours and Sen Grassley bill Dems. who don’t want guns in criminal hands.

    in yours and Sen. Grassley bill to make Dems. who don’t want guns in criminal hands

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