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What was he thinking? Brian Williams steps in it bigtime when he flippantly encourages viewers to lie

Brian Williams is probably the last person who should have made a joke about lying.

The MSNBC host got slammed on social media after a flippant comment he made while reviewing photos of storm damage caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

While he did tell viewers not to go out into the hurricane to take photos of their own, Williams then suggested they repost the image and “pretend you shot it.”

And though he was certainly joking, it was very telling coming from the former NBC Nightly News anchor who was fired in 2015 for a made up story about coming under enemy fire while reporting during the Iraq War. Though reinstated, Williams never regained his anchor position until late 2016 on MSNBC.

Reporter Cal Perry was showing photos from the storm to Williams and viewers on Sunday’s “MSNBC Live. ”

“The crew in Tampa, I had them e-mail photographs. Here’s the water, water in Tampa bay is receding.” he said. “And one of the things we do want to mention because people have power are probably seeing this, don’t go look. Let us show you this. Don’t go down there.”

Meteorologist Bill Karins agreed, saying “you don’t want to be driving around.”

“Forward this picture on Instagram, pretend you shot it, and pretend it’s yours, and we’ll look the other way,” Williams then said.

The comment may have gone unnoticed if made by someone else, but coming from Williams, it quickly drew backlash on Twitter.

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  1. robert g bernardini

    September 12, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    This is reason one million and one that you can’t believe anything MSNBC CNN ABC CBS NBC and a good portion of what FOX Says Outright lies scripted BS chopped up video clips staged FAKE News unidentified sources . New York Times Washington Post all the same CIA funded Washington Post yeah lets listen to them Brian Williams is a complete JOKE only a bunch of Dirtbags would hire this lying POS . Trump is losing credibility for even allowing CNN or MSNBC press credentials . Not to mention The reasons why we elected him Lock her Up Build the Wall Drain the Swamp and bring our Young Men and Woman home from the Middle East they hate our guts as it is .

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